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Autumn term

Welcome to Year 5!


We have started the new school year ready for a challenge. Mrs. Merrix has been impressed with the positive attitude shown in our first week back and how ready the new Year 5 class are for the year ahead. We've had an interesting week as we began our research of the Anglo-Saxons but we've also been on a Great Exhibition of the North trail, where we visited the Sage and the Baltic. However, the most exciting part of the day was seeing Prince William as he also visited the exhibition on its last day!

Sheducation 17/09/18

Today a new group of children spent the afternoon inventing and investigating. Their first task was to pick items; 2 that they liked and 1 that they didn't like. There is so much to find in the shed that sometimes it is difficult to make decisions. I the end we all found three things. That was when the hard work started; we had to join the items together to make an invention. Leah came up with a great plan to use a peg as a fastener. I quickly copied this idea as it worked so well. Daniel turned his fastener into a design feature. We made a lot of IDK (I don't know).

In order to remember the things that we have learnt we then made a book to keep a record of the techniques and ideas that we have had. 

Sheducation 10/09/18


The year 5 Sheducators had their first session in the invention shed today. We thought it would be a good idea to create some noise makers to accompany us when we parade at Wallbottle this Friday. We started the session with some idea gathering, thinking about how noise is made and what we could make. Then the children jotted down some notes about what they would need and how it might look. We all spent the next hour making. For the last half an hour we reviewed and improved are instruments. 

I love the way that the invention shed allows children to explore ideas.