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Summer term

Come and See - Castle and Sun

It was 'Come and See' today and Year 2 were looking at the artist Paul Klee.  They looked at some of his pieces of work before concentrating on 'Castle and Sun'.  The class then created their own 'Castle and Sun' picture using shapes and bright colours.  They used soft pastels and chalks to add colour to their designs.  Thank you to all our visitors this morning - it was lovely having you in the class to see what we were doing. 

Joining Materials 13/05/19

Today the focus in the Invention Shed was joining techniques. We discussed the different joins that we have already used and thought about how they could be used. Some children wanted to use nails, others wanted to join using a hole and some wanted to use string. We had a fascinating time inventing and made a very wide range of objects well done group.

Exploring Sound

This week pupils have been making instruments in Science.  The class explored changing the pitch of a sound and how to increase and decrease the volume to see if they could play their instrument quietly or loudly.  

Living in a Castle

We have started our new topic this half term which is 'What was it like to live in a castle?'  This week pupils looked at the different jobs that were available inside the castle.  The class researched the different roles and what they had to do before discussing which jobs were the best and why.  The children were each given a role e.g. servant or gong farmer.  In groups they had to create a real-life scene that may have happened and act this out to the rest of the class.    

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