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Head and Deputy Weekly Update

Friday 27th November 2020 - Week 11


We are nearly at the end of November so we can start to mention Christmas. You will have been sent an email this morning about our Christmas calendar and details of what will be taking place.


The children continue to be absolute stars and I can't praise them more highly for the way they adapt to any changes we need to make. We have completed our parent consolation calls this week with some lovely messages of support being passed on to us via calls and emails. Thank you so much for these reassuring comments; it really helps staff morale and gave them a real boost. If for any reason you missed your call or couldn't make the three nights, please contact school and we will do our very best top accommodate a new date and time.


Mrs Gill's Year 5 gang took part in a live stream lesson from Kielder Observatory all about the Solar System. The children learnt new facts about each of the planets and information about the sun. It was lovely to be able to understand the distances in a real life context as well as having the opportunity to ask Dan and Adam questions.



Our weekly extra curricular activities continue to bring smiles to the children's faces especially our dance sessions with Chantal, music with Franco and Mr Rudkin, YogaBugs with Anna and our in school makers club and Forest School with Mr Vyle.









Huge congratulations to our ACE award winners this week. You make us so proud every week and it is lovely seeing everyone's smiley face in our virtual assemblies.










If you haven't managed to open the Christmas email. The information is below:


Christmas Nativity Performance

The staff are currently working on a nativity production that will involve the whole school. This will be filmed and uploaded to our school website for all of our families to enjoy as we are unable to accommodate audiences in school. We will upload a scene a day on our website on the following dates:


Year 1: Wednesday 9th December                              Reception: Monday 14th December

Year 2: Thursday 10th December                                Year 4: Tuesday 15th December

Year 3: Friday 11th December                                     Year 5: Wednesday 16th December

                                                                                     Year 6: Thursday 17th December


We plan to have copies to distribute to parents via DVD if all parents across the school agree to this, please let us know if you do not want your child included on this. We will of course not be including those children who currently don’t have permission to be on the school website.


Christmas Cards

To minimise any potential Covid-19 transmission between our numerous households we politely request that Christmas cards are not sent into school. Our older children usually manage the sorting and delivery of the many hundreds of Christmas cards in school but this year they are not able to travel around the school. Consequently, we will not be hosting our traditional post box in the hall or special deliveries to classrooms to protect year group bubbles.


Children will still be given the opportunity to make Christmas cards and calendars in school for family members and they will be stored safely for the appropriate time-scales in accordance with current DfE guidance, before being sent home.


Christmas Dinner

The children will be having their Christmas Lunch on Tuesday, 8th December.  All children who have a school dinner will be having this option. If your child usually brings a packed lunch but would like to have Christmas Lunch on this day, please inform the school office.


Children who are in receipt of either universal infant free school meals (Reception, Years 1 & 2) or free school meals but bring a packed lunch to school do not need to pay. Otherwise please send in £2.20 in an envelope with your child’s name on marked ‘Christmas Lunch’.


Christmas Jumper Day

On the same day as Christmas Dinner, Tuesday, 8th December, we will be having Christmas jumper/Christmas dress day in support of the Newcastle West End Foodbank. We would like to donate food if you are able to at one of the local drop off points:


Tesco Extra, Kingston Park      06.00-midnight

Waitrose, Ponteland                 08.00-20.00

Sainsbury’s, Throckley             08.00-21.00

Morrison’s, West Denton          07.00-22.00


If you would like to take a photo of your child making the donation you could post it onto our class blog page or e-mail it to and we can put this on our website.


Christmas Parties

We will be holding our Christmas parties as usual in our class bubbles.  Each class will have some party food in the afternoon, which will be provided and prepared by school and the children will also take part in fun activities within their classroom.

Children can wear their party clothes all day, but please ensure that they are wearing clothes, shoes and a coat suitable for being outside at break and lunch.


Reception: Thursday 10th December              Year 3: Tuesday 15th December

Year 1: Wednesday 9th December                  Year 4: Wednesday 16th December

Year 2: Friday 11th December                         Year 5: Thursday 17th December

                                                                         Year 6: Monday 14th December


Hopefully, this letter will reassure families that we will do our upmost to ensure all of the children enjoy their Christmas in school and end the term with well-deserved festive fun and experiences.



Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to sing Christmas Carols in the community this year. We are planning to record some of our Year 6 children singing and hopefully share with our local care homes and Church to spread some Christmas joy. We will of course be in touch with parents to let them know of the details before we do this.



We have been contacted by some of our local care homes to contribute to their Christmas celebrations. Year 5 will be making some collage Christmas trees that will be used to make garlands in Denecroft along with staff from Hen Pals and also with Lindisfarne #heartsforschools campaign.


Finally, please can we remind everyone of the Covid-19 rules. Please can all parents and children remember the social distancing rules whilst waiting outside school to either drop off or pick up your child.


Please remember if you show symptoms of Covid-19 and take a test you must follow the government guidance. If you have taken a test you and all members of your household must self-isolate until the results are known. You and your child must not attend the school site.


Thank you for your continued support.


Stuart Pickup

Head Teacher

Friday 20th November 2020 - Week 10


The weeks are continuing to fly by.  I can't believe we've already reached the end of week 3 since half term.  It's been another busy one this week with lots of activities happening throughout school.  It was Anti-Bullying week so we started the week off with Odd Sock day on Monday.  Pupils came wearing a great selection of odd socks!  Even Mr Pickup came in odd socks to show how different he is!  Classes watched a virtual assembly from the Anti-Bullying Alliance all about bullying and then had discussions in their own classes about how everyone is unique.








This work was continued when Hannah from Bigfoot Arts Education came into school on Wednesday to deliver workshops to each class.  In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, they had a workshop on why ‘It’s good to be me!’  The classes thought about the special superpowers they have including 'kindness' and 'bravery' which make them unique and special.  The children loved Tommy and Sally, Hannah's puppets.  In Key Stage 2 the classes had a workshop on Cyberbullying.  They talked about the different types of bullying and thought about how they make us feel.  Pupils created freeze frames to show the different types of bullying before talking about how to stay safe online by acting safely, respectfully and responsibly at all times.   








Also this week, we have had many other enrichments throughout school.  Year 5 and Year 6 have continued to work with Franco on their Bamboo Tamboo workshop.  They are making good progress and Franco is pleased with how well they are doing.  Well done Years 5 and 6.  Keep up the great work!  Key Stage 2 have also continued their dance fitness sessions with Chantal.  They have loved the different dance routines and are feeling more confident each week.  This week Chantal introduced the plank challenge to some of the classes which was great fun.  I can't wait to see what next week's challenge will be.  Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had their YogaBugs session this week.  In Reception and Year 1, they were completing yoga movements linked to the story of Hansel and Gretel and Year 2 were focusing on mindfulness while listening to a story.  Year 1 and 2 have also continued their Inamojo sessions with Kayleigh and Lucy this week.  They visited the dragon's cave again and listened to a new story.  They practised some breathing exercises, took part in some movements and dances and thought about their emotions.  Year 4 have also had another ukelele session this week with Mr Rudkin.  The class are learning new chords each week and can now play 'Three Blind Mice'.  What a busy week!




Today we had our weekly virtual celebration assembly with Mr Pickup and it was lovely to see the whole school together (if only virtually!).  Here are this week's ACE award winners:








Thank you again for your continued support.   


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher

Friday 13th November 2020 - Week 9


The weeks go flying by at the minute, we are already at the end of week 2 since half term. I hope you have all managed to access the new online provision for signing up to a parent evening slot. Mrs Hogarth has worked hard to get it up and running after some early teething problems. If for any reason you haven’t received your confirmation email or have struggled to access the site, please give the office a call.


Our Year 1 and 2 pupils have been working with Kayleigh and Lucy on the Inamojo Project.  This is a wellbeing program for children using stories, movement, art, meditation, and specially composed music. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves stating that it was relaxing and calming and they loved this week's dragon stories. Year 1 and Year 2 will be working with the project for this half term where we will keep you up to date with their progress.




On Wednesday, the whole school paid their respects to those who have lost their lives fighting for their country. In addition to a class assembly with the sharing of poems, the last post and the Christmas Truce, year groups produced individual work around poppies. Every child took part in the 11 o'clock 2 minutes silence either in the classrooms or on the school yards, their observance of the silence was impeccable and their empathy in the discussions that followed was extremely mature...well done Newburn.




Many children continue to be involved in a number of weekly enrichment activities including Bamboo Tamboo, YogaBugs, Forest School, Dance and Ukuleles.


Mrs Peters continues to share so many wonderful book ideas for our children. This week she has included a number of books with a link to Remembrance Day.






Today has been Children in Need Friday. All of our pupils came to school in their sports kit so that they could join Joe Wicks for the final 25 minutes of his 24 hour charity work out. Thank you so much for your generosity during these unprecedented times. As a school we have raised £253 for the Children in Need charity...thank you so much.



Well done to all of our ACE award winners today. Unfortunately, due to a virtual meeting I couldn't take part in the ACE assembly. I have loved seeing your photographs and reading all of the great reasons for the certificates this week. It was also lovely to see our Year 4 pupils with their pen licences. Keep up the great work Newburn, you have been so positive since we got back.










Can I please remind the school community of the importance to be on time for school, especially whilst we have COVID procedures in place at school. A number of pupils are late on a regular basis and this is causing congestion issues at the office whilst other bubbles move through the corridors.


Finally, before we head off for a well deserved weekend break, next week is Anti-bullying Week. As part of the work we will be celebrating Odd Socks Day on Monday, 16th November. All your child needs to do is wear odd socks on Monday. It's a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week!



Have a great weekend.


Stuart Pickup

Head teacher

Friday 6th November 2020 - Week 8

We have had an incredibly busy first week back after the half term break with lots going on throughout school.  On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Chantal from CM Dance Academy came into school to work with each class in KS2.  Each year group took part in a fitness dance session where they had the chance to learn lots of different dance moves, improve their fitness and have fun.  There were smiles throughout the whole session!  We can't wait to see which dance routines we will learn next week.




Franco, from Music Partnership North - Newcastle, came into school on Thursday to work with Year 5 and Year 6 on their Bamboo Tamboo workshop.  This was new to Year 5 who gave it their all and made lots of progress throughout the session.  Year 6 had already completed work on Bamboo Tamboo last year so this was their chance to develop their skills and impress Franco with how much they had remembered.  He was very impressed with both classes!  We will keep you updated over the coming weeks to let you know how they are getting on.




Lots of the classes have focused their work around fireworks and bonfires this week.  Reception Class have created chalk firework pictures, Year 3 created collage firework pictures and Year 1 looked at the story of Guy Fawkes and talked about firework safety.  Year 5 also thought about firework safety and created safety posters.  They also wrote firework acrostic poems.  Year 2 have had a firework-themed first week back.  They watched a firework display on the interactive whiteboard with hot chocolate before creating a firework poem.  They also created firework pictures with chalks.    




Also this week, Year 5 had the chance to watch a livestream session from Kielder Observatory on Thursday afternoon.  Adam Shore talked about the stars and constellations, the planets, our solar system and other galaxies.  We looked at lots of pictures and animations to help us understand the complex topics he was discussing.  The children were able to post questions to Adam and he tried to answer as many as he could.  We look forward to another session focusing on the solar system later in the term.  




On Friday, Sarah from Operation Encompass Next Steps came into school to talk to Year 3 about emotions and empathy.  The class talked about anger, thinking about the signs of anger and how to find help when feeling angry.  Sarah had a lovely afternoon with the class who thoroughly enjoyed the session.   



We continued to have our Good Work Assembly virtually this week as it was such a success before half term.  It is lovely for the children to see the other classes and celebrate their achievements together.  Well done to our ACE award winners:










We apologise that we haven't sent out further information regarding parent consultation meetings.  We are awaiting an update from our website provider.  We have been informed that this will be made available for the start of next week.  Apologies again for this delay.  It was a technical issue that was beyond our control.       


Thank you for your continued support.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher

Friday 23rd October 2020 - Week 7


Can I take this opportunity to thank every member of the school community for helping us enjoy such a successful reopening of Newburn Manor. None of us can quite believe it is already half-term. The school has felt like a school again and although we aren’t as we used to be or want to be, it has been an amazing experience having the children back looking happy, smiley and ready for the challenges ahead.


For the new academic year we have reorganised our termly timetable to allow for new approaches to be implemented in our Geography and History curriculum areas. As part of this, we have blocked our art lessons into a full week at the end of set half-terms. It has been so nice to walk into all of the classes and the experience the art development across school in the afternoons this week. Work has included work on animal prints, sketching and drawing from the Great Fire, Egyptian vases, Monet's Water Lilies, Masks of the Maya Civilisation and the work of Keith Haring. The blocked art topic has clearly been a huge success.








Breakfast Club staff are always trying to introduce our pupils to new types of food. This week the children have had the opportunity to take part in a continental breakfast including cooked meats, cheeses, croissants, waffles and French baguettes. Mrs Heslop and the team have also been providing the children with pumpkin and fruit carving alongside orange jack-o'-lantern design. Breakfast Club provide a fabulous service every morning from 8 am. If you would like to make use of our Breakfast Club there are plenty of spaces available at present. Please call the school office on 0191 2674533 for more information.






Even though the mornings are darker and a little damper than they were back in September, Mr Vyle and the Year 1 Forest School team continue to enjoy themselves. This week they were on outdoor cooking duty making jam and apple doughnuts all washed down with a lovely mug of hot chocolate.




It was lovely to end the half-term with another Zoom Celebration Assembly. Everyone was able to access their camera this week so we had the joy of seeing each class and join our ACE award recipients in celebratory whole school rounds of applause. Congratulations to each and every ACE award winner.










Parents’ evening

Due to the COVID restrictions, our parents evening meetings are going to take place via a telephone call with your child’s class teacher. We understand that this is not an ideal situation and we would much prefer to have face to face meetings. However, for the safety of the school and the wider community, this unfortunately is not possible at present.


Parents' evening calls will take place on Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th November 2020. Although we usually have our meetings in October, we felt it best to have them later this year to allow all of the pupils to fully reintegrate back into the school year and give teachers, pupils and yourselves a chance to experience the new ‘normal’ at school.


We are introducing a new way of registering for your time slot. To reduce the amount of information having to go back and forward between home and school in paper format, we are using an online booking system via the school website. Class teachers are offering 10 minute slots across the three evenings stated above. When you log on to the new system you will see the availability for your child’s class and be able to reserve your slot. Details of how to access will be sent out in the first week after half-term.


Remote learning  

Many of you will be becoming more confident and experienced in your use of our remote learning app Seesaw for Schools. Over the year, your child will be using this tool more and more but it will be our main remote learning platform if and when pupils/bubbles are required to self-isolate due to COVID-19 reasons. Seesaw works great on any computer or tablet device.


If your child is required to self-isolate, then daily work and online teaching will be provided through Seesaw for Schools. Your child will be provided with 4 tasks per day including daily English and Maths sessions alongside the wider curriculum as well as directed work on our other online platforms such as Lexia, Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars. Seesaw for Schools enables our teachers to provide frequent and clear explanations of new content. This may include teachers uploading videos of themselves explaining a concept or videos from expert teachers connected to programmes the school are affiliated with. This vital feature will enable pupils to see and hear their teachers daily.


Each task will have an identified way of recording your child’s work. This will be completed via Seesaw and uploaded to the app. Seesaw gives isolating pupils the chance to ask for support and other questions whilst at home. Teachers will also be able to give individual feedback to work submitted, which will in turn give motivation to children and support with their ongoing progress.  Work will be marked at least twice weekly from your child’s teacher.


COVID measures 

Can we please ensure that children are dropped off at school at the designated place at the correct time. During the last week we have had an increasing number of late pupils. This causes congestion at the office/reception area as pupils cannot enter their classrooms until the corridors are clear of all other children. Can I also remind parents/carers that if any member of your household is being tested for coronavirus then your child/children must self-isolate with you until the results are known. If you are advised of the need to take a test, then please contact school to come and collect your children from the main office.


School contact over half-term 

During the half-term holiday break the school office will not be open. If anyone within your household develops COVID-19 symptoms, requires a test or returns a positive test it is important that you still inform school. Please ensure you contact us on the following number 07736 474 390.


Flu jabs day 

On Wednesday, 4th November, the school health team will be in school to administer nasal flu spray to all children who have returned the permission forms.


Children in Need 

On Friday, 13th November, we will be celebrating Children in Need by taking part in Joe Wicks’ Ultimate Feel Good Friday. On this date the children can attend school in sports kit and bring along a donation of £1.


I hope you all have a wonderful half-term break and enjoy the extra hour in bed on Sunday. Please stay safe during your time away from school, we will see you all on Monday 2nd November.


Yours sincerely


Stuart Pickup

Head teacher

Coronavirus Information for Parents

Newburn and Newcastle are currently under local restrictions, in the Tier 2/HIGH alert category. This means...




Friday 16th October 2020 - Week 6

Another week has come to an end at Newburn Manor with only one more week before half-term.  This week, Year 2 have continued learning about 'The Great Fire of London' as part of their history topic.  They have been thinking about the causes of the fire this week and deciding which causes were more important.  This afternoon, they have been designing a new waterproof hood for Mrs Merrix so they have been testing different materials in the classroom.   




Reception went on their autumn walk this week around the school grounds.  They collected different items and then used them to create some Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork. 




In Science in Year 4 this week, pupils have recreated the water cycle using ice, hot water and a glass to think about evaporation and condensation taking place.  They have also been writing letters as a Roman slave linked to their history topic this half-term.                                 


Year 5 and 6 had a visitor this week from Studio West in West Denton.  Ms Wigham, the Principal, came in to each class to talk to the pupils about her school.  The children asked lots of thoughtful questions and discussed the careers they wanted to pursue in the future.  Ms Wigham was very impressed with the children's behaviour and contributions during the session.   


Year 1 have created autumn trees this week.  They used broccoli and poster paints to print some impressive autumn leaves.  They look fantastic and are up on display in their classroom. 




This week our assembly was slightly different to previous weeks.  Mr Pickup held a virtual assembly, beamed into every classroom so that the whole school could celebrate everyone's achievements.  It was lovely to hear the clapping from each class as I walked around school.  The children loved seeing Mr Pickup on the big screen in their room. 




Here are this week's ACE award winners:








Thank you for your continued support.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher

Friday 9th October 2020 - Week 5


Week 5 already, this term is absolutely flying by. Lots of great work continues to be completed by all of the children. It is so lovely to walk into all of the classrooms and see the children giving their work 100%. The smiles and enjoyment on all of their faces really does make the school feel a great place to be.











Huge congratulations this week to our super ACE award winners. The teachers find it so hard to get it down to just three pupils per week, such is the enthusiasm and focus we see from all of the children. Keep up the hard work everyone, you have all been absolute stars. This weeks winners are so proud of their achievements...








With changes to COVID restrictions appearing to have daily updates, our Local Authorities have got together to collate and share clear helpful information for us all...



Following further re-evaluation of our procedures, we have decided to make some further changes to our drop-off and collection protocol. You will be glad to know that we are not changing the drop-off and collection points as these appear to be now working more smoothly. However, we do feel we need to change the times for our Reception class so that these areas are not as congested on mornings and afternoons. We understand that changes in times may cause child care issues so we have decided to make a small 10-minute change to the day. From Monday, 12th October, the Reception school day will start at 8.50am and finish at 2.50pm – both drop-off and collection will remain at the green gate.


You may have seen in the news this week, that along with Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool, Newcastle has one of the highest levels of Coronavirus currently in England. There are a number of schools in Newcastle who have been required to close bubbles in their schools; this is something that we may be required to do in the future if pupils or teachers contract the virus but by minimising the chances of transmission it lowers the risk of this happening in school. Therefore, can we please ask that all parents abide by current social distance rules, where at all possible please stand 2m apart and away from members from other families, if not 2m please wear a face covering.


Have a great weekend and see you all next week.


Stuart Pickup

Head teacher

Friday 2nd October - Week 4


We've had another busy week at Newburn Manor.  This week we celebrated Healthy Eating Week around school.  Breakfast Club had a wonderful Healthy Eating themed breakfast on Thursday where the children were able to have some delicious fruits alongside their toast and crumpets.  Year 1 tasted a variety of fruits, including blackcurrants, mangoes, blueberries, raspberries and bananas.  The class loved their fruity treat and the mango and blueberries were a particular highlight!  Years 4 and 6 also tried some different fruits in class.  Children in Year 6 told me it was lovely to try something a little different that they now know they like.  Favourites included kiwi, mango and pineapple!  Both Year 4 and 5 talked about the importance of keeping healthy, thinking also about keeping active.  Year 5 took part in some 'Joe Wicks' style exercises and Year 4 created their own circuits in PE.       








On Thursday the school celebrated National Poetry Day.  Mrs Peters filled the school corridors with poems that the children could read.  A variety of poems were read and recited in school by children of all ages.  Year 5 loved listening to Michael Rosen read 'The Register' which they found hilarious!  Reception read 'Rumble in the Jungle' as part of their 'Dear Zoo' theme for this half term.  Year 2 wrote poems about how they are special and Year 3 recited a poem all about Little Red Riding Hood.  In Year 4  pupils read a range of poems, recited them to the class and started writing poems about themselves  It was lovely to hear how children were gaining in confidence when reading a poem aloud to their class.  Year 6 pupils read 'Quick: There is a poem' before writing their own verse in the same style.  Here are a few photographs from the day.  Please see the class pages for more...






A group of Year 1 children went out with Mr Vyle and Mrs Heslop for Forest School again this week.  They had a great time lighting fires and then cooking apples from our own school grounds.  They were dipped in sugar and cinnamon and tasted delicious! 




Today the Newcastle PE and School Sport Service came into school to assess our fundamental skills in PE.  They looked at the children's balance, agility and coordination.  They were very impressed with the pupils of Newburn Manor.




Many congratulations to this week's ACE (achievement, commitment and effort) award winners. You have all shown a superb attitude in school this week and we're very proud of you!

Have a lovely weekend!


Thank you for your continued support.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher

Friday 25th September 2020 - Week 3


We are already at the end of week 3…time is just flying by!


This week, it was so lovely to have all of our Reception children in together. They are settling in extremely well; they are all fully fledged Newburn Manor pupils. Having their first week together has allowed them to make friends with many newer faces and we can already see friendships blossoming.





Our Year 1 pupils have continued to enjoy their weekly session of Forest School with Mr Vyle and Mrs Heslop. This week they made their own drawing tools and ink. Mr Vyle is also working with a group of our Year 3 pupils on Tuesday afternoons. At present, the Invention Shed is just a little too small so this group has spilled out onto the Forest School fire pit area where they were making Elder jewellery.








Mrs Longstaff has been working with her Acorns and Lego Therapy groups. The children have left their sessions with huge beaming smiles. This week Acorns have been making their very own worry monsters.


You will be receiving a letter from school today with your child’s Seesaw for schools home login details. If the school is required to have bubble closures or your child is having to self-isolate for COVID related reasons, we will be providing work via the Seesaw app. All of the information is contained in the letter your child will have brought home today. Mrs Hogarth also sent out an IT equipment survey earlier this week. Please ensure that you have completed it and returned it to school.




As per usual, there has been a huge amount of wonderful work being completed in all classes. Mrs Gill and myself held our weekly round of celebration drop-ins. The ACE awards ranged from progress and attitude in maths to leadership in PE. Congratulations to this week’s winners, well done for working so hard and giving so much to school life.








Keep an eye out for updates on our Healthy Eating Week and National Poetry Day work next week.

For further information about coronavirus, Newcastle city Council have produced a Q&A page for parents. You can find it by clicking the link below:


I hope you all enjoy a super weekend.


Stuart Pickup

Head teacher

Friday 18th September - Week 2


Another week has come to an end in school.  The children continue to follow the new school rules well and are showing enthusiasm and smiles in and around school which is lovely to see.  Our new procedures for school drop-offs and pick-ups have worked well this week so thank you to all parents and carers for following our new daily routines.  However, in light of the new tighter restrictions in the North East, it is imperative that once your child has been dropped off, you leave the school site.  Can we also ask that when dropping your children off that you do not arrive earlier than your allocated drop off/collection time and please also abide by social distancing. 


We have visited each year group for a second week to deliver the ACE awards to each class.  We had a range of ACE awards this week from ‘having a positive attitude in all aspects of school work’ to ‘contributing well in lessons’, 'showing kindness' 'working hard' and 'overcoming own doubts'. 










It is always lovely to hear what each class has been getting up to and how hard they are all working.  Here is a brief summary of the work that has happened in class this week.  Please check the individual class pages for more information and any photographs.  Reception have had another exciting week making fruit smoothies, creating their own self-portraits using the iPads to take a photograph and starting to recognise amounts up to 3.  This week, Year 1 have been reading ‘Where’s my teddy?’ and then talking about times when they have lost an item that is special.  They have also been counting forwards and backwards within 10 and then reading and writing the numerals.  Some of the Year 1 children got to do some Forest School with Mr Vyle this week.  They had a great time picking blackberries and then making Newburn Blackberry Jam.  It was so good that the children in Breakfast Club had some on their toast on Friday morning.  Year 2 have been talking about ‘how to be a good friend’ in PSHE and have thought about Fire Safety ready for their new topic all about the Great Fire of London.  They have also been listening and appraising songs in Music this week.  In Year 3 the class have started looking at traditional tales in English and have created their own story maps to retell stories.  They have also started their new topic: Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes where they have created their own layers of the Earth.  Year 4 have started their work on the Romans this week and have started reading a new book: ‘Roman Diary’.  They have also been classifying solids and liquids in Science which was a lot of fun and a little messy!   In Year 5 this week we have started learning about Ancient Maya.  The class looked at different artefacts and discussed what they think they would have been used for.  We had some great suggestions and reasons!  We are looking forward to finding out more about the Ancient Maya this half term.  Year 6 have started researching Greece in preparation for going back in time to learn about Ancient Greece.  They have been enjoying reading their class novel: Who let the gods out?  Mrs Tait has been very impressed with their understanding and is looking forward to some great writing as a result!  Here are a few pictures from this week's learning:







Thank you for your continued support.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher



Friday 11th September 2020 - Week 1


The first week has come to an end and time has flown by. Every day the new procedures have become smoother and smoother. I can't praise the children highly enough, they have been fantastic! From making sure they wash their hands more often to getting straight back into the swing of their work, they have thrown themselves into all aspects. More importantly they have brought that school feeling back to Newburn Manor and done everything with enthusiasm and a smile.


We have emailed all parents the updated changes to morning drop off and evening collection procedures. Please read through so that you know which gates to drop your children off on Monday morning.


Rather than tell you everything the children have been up to this week, I thought it might be nice for the children to share a few quotes with you about their first week back...


'I really like it, I love playing in the kitchen area' - Reception 

'It is great doing maths again' - Year 1

'I'm so happy being back at school and seeing all of my friends' - Year 2

'Feels great to be back, school has been great fun' - Year 3

'It has been so much fun with Mrs Reid giving us lots of hard work' - Year 4

'I was looking forward to seeing everybody again, it has been so exciting' - Year 5 

'It has been fun' - Year 6

'I love playing with friends again' - Year 1

'I've liked the reading books' - Reception

'I've loved seeing all of the friendly faces' - Year 3

'I really love my class' - Year 2

'It's exciting, I'm loving the hard work.' - Year 4

'It has been a really exciting first week back' - Year 6

'I was nervous to start with but now I'm prepared, ready and excited' - Year 5


We also had a celebration session in each classroom today where each teacher gave out their first ACE awards of the school year. It wasn't as enjoyable as when we have our full celebration assemblies but it did allow all of our classes to celebrate the successes of the first week.








Thank you once again for the support you have given us during lockdown and the first week back, it is greatly appreciated. We look forward to sharing lots of experiences with you as the year develops.


Have an enjoyable weekend.


Stuart Pickup

Head Teacher

A few from the first week back...

Tuesday 8th September 2020 - First Day Back


It has been a long time since we've been able to welcome all of our children back into school but today was the day. It has been a wonderful feeling having smiling, bouncy, happy pupils back in every classroom. Thank you to everyone who made getting into school and leaving school as painless as it could be. Another huge thank you for the amazing attendance we had today which was over 97%. Although we are not back to the old normal, the pupils across all of the classes have adapted to all of the new rules and procedures straight away. We always say that the children are the most prized asset of Newburn Manor Primary School and they have all shown that today. Here are a few photos of our first day. We will have more to show at the end of the week along with an update on your child's class page

















Over the summer we have been been able to get some building updates done. Mr Gill has produced an awesome wall mural in the Dining Hall representing the path of the River Tyne and the famous landmarks you can see along it. We have also completed our KS1 playground build, where the children now have access to a fantastic climbing frame and balance beam set.