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Head and Deputy Weekly Update

Friday 22nd October 2021 - Week 7


The final week of the half-term has arrived. It has been hard work but enjoyable. I would like to thank all of the pupils and the Newburn staff for all of their hard work. It has been a pleasure to walk into classrooms on a daily basis and experience the work, focus and drive of everyone first hand.

Once again it has been a week full of extra activities. Year 6 enjoyed working with Chris from the Royal Grammar School Newcastle on a coding project. They used Scratch to make their very own version of a Pacman style game. It amazes me how competent our children are with IT...we'll done Year 6, awesome work.



Mr Edwards, Mr White and Mr Wright from RGS joined us for their second week of reading support for our Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils. The children are enjoying their weekly sessions and good relationships are already being built.

All of Key Stage 2 enjoyed taking part in a virtual author visit with Gill Arbuthnott. They heard stories about how she wrote her book A Secret Diary of the First World War, which was based on true events during the First World War. The children learnt how Gill got her ideas through research as well as being moved by stories about brothers bumping into each other in the trenches as well as making lots of valuable contributions through well though out questions.

Reception welcomed Stef from Animal Antics into school on Friday morning. They have been working with the book Dear Zoo and learning about a number of different animals. Today, they had the opportunity to see and handle a variety of creatures including a bearded dragon, an owl, a snake, a hedgehog, a rabbit and some mice. The smiles on their faces showed just how much they enjoyed it.



Thank you to Mrs Heslop and her breakfast club team for organising a Halloween special this morning. All of those who attended enjoyed pumpkin and turnip carving as well watermelon, grapes, brioche and some special spooky Halloween hot chocolates.



At the start of this academic year we changed our curriculum timetable. The last week of each half-term will be dedicated to art or DT. It has been a real success with the children able to spend more consecutive time on the creative processes. It has been a joy to see the improvements in the planning processes and the finished pieces. I can't wait to see how it develops further during the year.



Every week our ACE award winners amaze us with their dedication to all aspects of school life. Well done to all of this weeks winners...


Huge congratulations to our Year 4 pupils. They are the first class to complete their 100% attendance initiative banner. They will be enjoying a treat afternoon when we return after half-term. On top of this, they are the attendance  champions for Key Stage 2 for the third week in a row:

Attendance champions
KS1 - Year 1 with 97.8%
KS2 - Year 4 with 98.5%

Punctuality champions
KS1 - Year 2 with 1 late
KS2 - Year 3 with zero lates

We will be sending out information in the first week after half-term about autumn term 2 activities including parents evening. We will be having these via phone calls again during the week beginning 15th November, with the hope of being able to have face to face meetings in the new year.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable half-term week off. We will see you all back at school on Monday 1st November.

Stuart Pickup
Head Teacher

Friday 15th October 2021 - Week 6


We’ve had another busy week in school with lots of activities happening throughout the different classes.  Forest School with Mr Vyle, Mr Rudkin has been in again for ukulele tuition with Year 4, and rehearsing and performing Harvest songs to name but a few of the things we've been doing.  



Year 4 have been learning about the Romans this half-term and this week they visited Housesteads Roman Fort.  This was a great opportunity to find out about time in the Roman army.  Some pupils dressed up and everyone had a chance to practise their battle techniques.  Please take a look at the Year 4 class page for more photographs and information about their day.  They had a fantastic time!  




We had three wonderful students from the Royal Grammar School at Newburn Manor on Wednesday to assist with reading in Years 2, 3 and 5.  They all mentioned that the school was lovely and enjoyed reading with our pupils.  We look forward to them joining us for the rest of the year in Years 2, 3 and 4. 


The classes have been practising their Harvest songs over the last few weeks and this week they recorded them.  They are now on the school website.  Please visit the Video Library where you can watch your child’s class song for Harvest.  We hope you enjoy them!


We had our Good Work assembly today in the main hall.  It is a great opportunity to hear about all of the lovely things we have been doing in school.  Our ACE award winners were chosen for a variety of reasons including progress in lessons, positive attitudes to work and always trying their best.  Here are our ACE award winners for this week:



Year 1 and Year 4 have won the attendance trophies this week.  Year 4 have had two weeks of achieving 100% attendance which is superb.  They are well on their way to receiving their attendance treat afternoon.  Well done Year 4!  Attendance and punctuality have been much better this week.  Well done Newburn!  Year 1, 2 and Year 5 achieved the punctuality award in assembly.  Year 6 won the spelling trophy this week.  The rest of the school are now desperate to get the trophy from them as they've had it for two weeks.  Well done Year 6!  


Thank you for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher

Friday 8th October 2021 - Week 5


We've had a great week with lots going on for our pupils. It all started on Monday when our Year 5 pupils visited St Michael's and All Angels church in Newburn as part of their Places of Worship topic in RE. Reverend Allison explained the features of the church as well as allowing the children to try her robes on. Mrs Gill was very impressed with the level of questions asked by the class and their enthusiasm to learn more about our local church.


On Thursday, Year 2 took a trip back in time during their workshop at the Discovery Museum. They took part in workshops based around the Great Fire of Newcastle in 1854. They all enjoyed hearing the story behind the fire before making puppets and putting on their own show. Mrs Merrix was very proud of the way the children engaged in the sounds of the fire workshop where the children handled and made use of artefacts from the time. It is lovely having the pupils venture out on trips again.


National Poetry Day was Thursday, 7th October. Our pupils created poems called 'Dream Day'. Simon Mole guided the children through the process of writing their own poem. The children then shared these with their classmates.


On Friday, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a virtual author visit with Emily Dodd, a screenwriter for CBeebies science programme Nina and the Neurons. The children experienced reading, factual information, songs as well as a dance to support a number of science concepts they were learning about. The children had a great time and we look forward to our next author visit in Key Stage 2.


Well done to our attendance and punctuality trophy winners this week. It has been a much improved week for attendance with two of our classes having 100% attendance for the week - huge congratulations to Year 2 and Year 4.


Finally, more huge congratulations to our ACE award winners this week -  you are all superstars. Keep up the great work Newburn.



Enjoy your weekend.


Stuart Pickup

Head Teacher

Friday 1st October 2021 - Week 4

Time seems to be flying this half-term.  I can't believe we are already at the end of Week 4.  Some of the activities happening in school include Forest School in the dene with Mr Vyle and Miss Luke and ukulele tuition in Year 4 with Mr Rudkin from the Newcastle Music Service.  Please take a look on the individual class pages for further information about what has been going in each classroom.  There are some lovely displays going up throughout school to inspire pupils or to show off the fantastic work that the pupils have been doing already this year.  Here are some examples:








We celebrated the achievements of our pupils in our celebration assembly this week.  They were out for a variety of different reasons including: fantastic contributions in class discussions, having a positive attitude to their work, trying their best in lessons and always having a smile in every aspect of school life.  Here are our ACE award winners for this week:



We also handed out the attendance and punctuality awards to some classes during celebration assembly.  Unfortunately only one class qualified for the attendance award this week as attendance throughout school was poor.  Well done to Year 6 who achieved 97% attendance!  Year 2 won the punctuality award this week with only 2 lates.  In Key Stage 2, Year 3 and Year 5 shared the punctuality award with only 1 late each.    


Today was World Smile Day.  I had talked to the whole school earlier in the week about this and it was so lovely to see so many smiles coming through the school gates this morning.  In Year 2, they celebrated World Smile Day by going outside and creating human emojis!  Can you guess the human emojis they have created?





Thank you for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher

Friday 24th September 2021 - Week 3


The weeks are flying by...we are already at the end of our 3rd week. This week it has been lovely to have all of our new Reception class in school together for the first time. We are very proud of the way in which they have settled in and they already look like being another Newburn success story.


Our classes are busy booking themselves on school trips and more information will be sent out about these shortly. With all of the lost experiences during the partial school closures, we want to get the children out and about as much as we can this year. Our Year 5 pupils will have received letters about the Kielder residential today. If you need to talk to anyone about payment plans or about the trip please contact the office on 0191 2674533.


We have a number of pupils being late on a regular basis at present. Can I please remind parents that school gates will open at 8.45 am each morning and the school bell will go at 8.55 am. When the children get to class, they take part in SPAG starters and Basic Skills Maths activities, it is vital that they are on time so that they can take part in these aspects of their learning.


Attendance has been up and down this week. As you will be aware from the letter sent out, we have a small number of positive Covid cases across the school. It is important that we think 'Covid first' in terms of stopping any spread. Can I remind parents that if your child is showing any of the main symptoms you need to request a PCR test as lateral flow tests are for identifying asymptomatic cases.


Congratulations to Year 2 this week. They are our Key Stage 2 attendance champions with 100% attendance across the week - they are already half way to achieving the first 100% treat of the year. Year 6 were the winners of the Key Stage 2 award with 96.2%. Huge congratulations to Years 3 and 5 who share the punctuality award in Key Stage 2 with zero lates...awesome! Reception collected the punctuality award in Key Stage 1 with just 1 late, well done to our new starters.


More wonderful reasons to celebrate our ACE award winners this week. We have so many pupils who are giving 100%, supporting their friends, making huge contributions to class discussions, presenting work neatly and so many more reasons. Well done to all of this week's winners, we are incredibly proud of you...



Have a great weekend.


Stuart Pickup

Head Teacher

Friday 17th September 2021 - Week 2


Our second week back at school has come to an end already.  The children have settled in well into their new classrooms now and they are enjoying starting their new topics.  Reception have enjoyed their first two weeks in school and are looking forward to all being together from next week.  They have all received their phonics books so that they can start practising their sounds at home too.  They will be starting their new topic around the book 'Dear Zoo' in the coming weeks. 


The rest of the school have the following topics this half-term:


Year 1 - 'What a wonderful world' where they will be looking at the continents and oceans and thinking about how we can look after our planet. 

Year 2 - The Great Fire of London 

Year 3 - Mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes

Year 4 - The Romans

Year 5 - Ancient Maya

Year 6 - Ancient Greece


Please visit the class pages to get regular updates of what your child has been learning in class.  


It was lovely to see children in assembly today with smiles on their faces, eager to find out who had won an ACE award.  We also handed out our attendance and punctuality awards to the classes.  Here are the results:  


Key Stage 1 Attendance - Year 1 with 98.5%

Key Stage 1 Punctuality - Year 1 with two lates

Well done Year 1 for receiving the attendance and punctuality award this week!


Key Stage 2 Attendance - Year 6 with 96.2%

Key Stage 2 Punctuality - Year 5 with zero lates


This week we've started some of our exciting enrichments in school.  Half of the Year 1 class started their Forest School adventure this week.  They went on a blackberry hunt with Mr Vyle and Miss Luke so that they could make some blackberry jam.  There were so many blackberries that they also used them to make paint too.  The group enjoyed trying the jam on toast once it had cooled.  It was delicious!  There was even some left to give to breakfast club who thought it was amazing!  Next week they are going to be visiting the dene.   




Mr Rudkin was back into school this week working with Year 4 on their ukulele tuition.  The class really enjoy the sessions with Mr Rudkin and I can't wait to see the progress they make this year.  Watch this space...   




Have a lovely weekend.


Thank you for your continued support.


Claire Gill

Deputy Head Teacher


Friday 10th September 2021 - Week 1


Welcome back to the start of the new academic year. We have enjoyed a wonderful first few days and the school feels alive again. As your child may have told you, we have been able to relax certain aspects of school life on our return from the summer break. We are still very much maintaining vigilant hygiene protocols, including children hand sanitizing on entry to different areas of the school building and before breaks and lunch sittings. As we are now able to mix a little more, it has meant that we have returned to having school assemblies throughout the week. It has been lovely seeing the reaction of the children when we meet up and it really does feel the like the school community and family feel has returned. Can I thank you all for the way in which your children have returned. The behaviour has been impeccable and the children have shown that they are all ready to learn from day one.


Over the summer we have had some building work completed. Along with our new outdoor summer cabin and new carpets, Mr Gill has been busy updating Group Room 2 into a super reading environment. Taking inspiration from Harry Potter, it has been changed into a learning library with our very own Newburn Manor stained glass window.






As I said earlier, the children have been amazing on their return. Just as we did last year, here are a few comments from our children about being back at school...


'I have liked playing with magnets and making patterns with ones at the top, in the middle and at the bottom' - Reception

'I have loved playing with my friends and making new ones' - Reception

'It is great seeing my friends because I haven't seen them for 6 weeks and it is lovely to see their faces again.' - Year 2

'I really enjoyed being in our celebration assembly because we had such a fun time.' - Year 2

'I'm really enjoying getting to know my new teacher.' - Year 5

'The work is harder this year but I'm enjoying the challenge already.' - Year 5


Huge congratulations to this week's award winners:


Key Stage 1 Attendance - Year 1 with 99.5%

Key Stage 1 Punctuality - Reception with zero lates

Key Stage 2 Attendance - Year 5 with 99%

Key Stage 2 Punctuality - Years 3 and 5 with zero lates


Well done to all of our amazing ACE award winners this week...




If you have changed your mobile phone number or moved addresses over the summer break, could we ask that you contact the school office on 0191 2674533 so we can update your information on the school system.


Have a great weekend...I'm sure there'll be some tired eyes tonight.


Stuart Pickup

Head Teacher


A few pictures from our first week...