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Term 1b Week 7

In this last week of term we had a party, finished off our Christmas crafts and got ready for the holiday season with a Nativity role play area in out classroom. 

Term 1b Week 6

This week we have been rehearsing and performing our nativity - coming soon to the website!

Term 1b Week 5

We went on a trip to Seven Stories to take part in an interactive story telling session about 'The Night Before Christmas'.  Miss Morgan was really proud of how all of Reception managed on their first trip as a class.  We tried to help Laurence get to sleep, looked around a few different galleries, made some models and ate our lunch. 

Term 1b Week 4

Our number work this week has been around what amounts are made of and using the form of words below:-

1 is a part and 3 is a part and the whole is 4


1 is a part and 1 is a part and 2 is a part and the whole is 4


On Wednesday we used mulitlink cubes to represent 4 in different ways.

On Tuesday we had a Fantastic time at the Panto - so much fun was had some of us needed a little sleep on the bus home!

Term 1b Week 3

This week has been lots of fun with our instruments out and our sound lotto game on the go, we have been thinking about our sense of smell this week and taking it in turns to work in a small group and smell different bottles and tubs and decide if we liked them or not.

In PE we have been learning to follow instructions to play games, find a space and move around our hall in different ways. 

It was also Children in Need day on Friday and we came to school in our pyjamas or Pudsey clothes, in the afternoon there was a photo booth area in our classroom and the children took turns to pose and take photos of each other.

Term 1b Week 2

Reception has continued to think about how we find out about the world, and this week we focused on our sense of hearing.  There was a sound lotto game to work on and instruments to make, we also used the listening games on BBC schools radio to improve our listening skills.  All of this alongside our Maths work thinking about comparing quantities and sizes, and our English work beginning to write sentences and sound out CVC words like c-a-t and t-a-p.

T1b Week 1

Our new topic is 'How do we find out about the world?' and we are thinking about our senses, this week we thought about our sight and how we use our eyes to find out about the world.  We looked at pictures of diva lamps which Hindus and Sikhs use to celebrate the festival of Diwali, the triumph of light over darkness, we talked about bonfire night and talked about Guy Fawkes, fire works and how to stay safe.  In the classroom there was a dark tent where we could spend time working with the light up equipment and we drew fire work pictures.

Term 1a Week 7

As a celebration of all the hard work we have done on our story 'Dear Zoo'.  On the very last day of term Stef from Animal Antics came to school and brought us some pets to look at, touch and hold.  She brought a hedgehog, a snake, a bearded dragon, an owl, two mice and a rabbit.  They were amazing.

Term 1a Week 5

Over the past few weeks we have been learning to tell the Dear Zoo story by Rod Campbell.


Term 1a Week 2

This week we have thought about our families and as well as making family portraits we have had a go at making finger puppets for all of the members of our family.

Term 1a Week 1

We have been getting to know the rules and routines of Newburn Manor Reception Class and enjoying exploring the equipment and being with other children.