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Summer A

On National Numeracy day we played a warm up game called ' Guess my Number'. We asked questions to identify a number to 100 which our partner had written on our backs. We asked questions like: Is it a multiple of 3? Is it less than 50? Is it odd?


After that we carried out an investigation in pairs. We had to total four, 2 digit numbers. The trick part was making the total of 100. We kept changing the numbers to try and get a higher or lower total than the time before. It was frustrating as we got to 101! We will persevere until we have beaten this challenge!


Week 1


This week year 3 started a weekly skipping challenge. We are counting how many skips we can do in 2 minutes and trying to improve our score each time.

Skip to be Fit

Still image for this video
Logan shows us how it is done.