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The assessment of Science will take place before, during and after the teaching of a topic. 


Before the topic begins


Using Focus assessment materials, teachers will assess pupils' prior knowledge of points that will be covered throughout. This will allow teachers to determine which pupils will need further support and challenge in each lesson. It will also allow any misconceptions to be identified, meaning the teacher will then be able to plan to address them throughout the rest of the unit. 


During the topic


In each Science lesson, teaching staff will introduce new Science knowledge to the children and give them opportunities to work scientifically. Teachers will formatively assess pupils in lessons to recognise which children will need to be stretched and challenged and those who need extra support. This may come in the form of:


- Questioning

- Vocabulary support

- Additional resources

- Adult support

- Peer support

- Addressing learning from previous year groups


Teachers will assess pupils in line with the National Curriculum 'Working Scientifically' guidance. This has been compiled onto the document below. Staff will use this throughout each unit to identify when these skills have been used and how often. 


At the end of a unit


Pupils will revisit the Focus materials that they did before they started their learning. This will allow teaching staff to see the progress made from each child from before teaching, to after on their scientific knowledge


Combining the assessment in this way allows us to assess both Science knowledge and skills, meaning teachers can then push pupils to reach their full potential as scientists!