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Spring Term

The Birds Were singing in Praise of Spring

What a lovely afternoon we had in the Invention shed. When I was setting up the shed for the session I loved hearing all the birds singing. When the Children came out we stopped and listened to the song. This inspired us to make our own bird like creatures, during the making we also learnt how to use a saw, drill holes, join materials and hammer. The creatures look fantastic and were all individual to that child.

Term 2b Week 2


What an exciting week.  We've been dividing in maths, this was made extra exciting for the children when I allowed them to use a whiteboard pen to write on the tables.  It's the little things....  It was lovely to see the children come in wearing their pj's for world book day, they looked so cute and really enjoyed sharing stories throughout the day.


We made a huge mess in class on Monday during science, we were classifying materials as liquids or solids (the shaving foam was a hit).  We love to learn practically in science, and the scientific vocabulary that the children were using when classifying the materials was super impressive.


We were lucky enough to enjoy two Gymnastic sessions with Mrs Ginnes as well as our weekly swimming lesson, we certainly have been active this week.  We were also joined by some parents on Tuesday morning, we had great fun showing off our excellent maths skills. We also learnt about every day feelings and how we can help ourselves feel good, there was some lovely, sensible discussions taking place in class.  A fantastic week of fun and learning, well done year four.

Art Week in Year 4


What a fantastic, fun filled week we have enjoyed in year four.  We had a big focus on drawing, sketching and observing, and great progress has been made all round.  Then we practiced using water colours, and ended the week with some printing and pointillism. I will post pictures of the completed work once it's all backed and on display.



Inventing in Art Week 24/02/20

A group of year 4 and 3 children had the chance to use the Invention Shed. We decided to use metal. This is one of the hardest materials to work with as it is difficult to stick or join together. There were some great ideas and we have the start of a metal flower garden. I am looking forward to see how it grows.

Term 2a Week 3


What an exciting few weeks we've had in year four.  We continue with our swimming lessons and many of the children are making so much progress in just three weeks.  Watch this space we could have some Olympic Swimmers in our midst.  We are carrying on with our Tudor Topic, to say the children are engaged is an understatement!  They are hooked!  The homework that has been coming in is amazing (and delicious).  Thank you for the effort.


In class we are reading a novel all about a young pick-pocket, child from Tudor times named Toby, he has just met WIlliam Shakespeaer after being caught thieving in the famous Globe Theatre.  The children took turns to read out snippets of text from the next chapter to make predictions and discuss what is going to happen next.  Their little faces lit up when they realised that they'd guessed correctly.


On Friday we had some specialists from the Newcastle PE in Schools Service assessing all children in school.  They were conducting basic tests on balance, agility and movement.  The assessors were very impressed, with the attitudes and fitness levels of our class, well done year 4!


The main buzz of the week has been observing a science experiment which we set up on Monday.  We placed some boiled eggs into various substances and took note of the effect the substances had on the shell!  You see, we learnt that the shell of an egg is very similar to the enamel on our teeth (only thinner).  Why not ask your children to give you a full explanation of the results - I bet they won't be in a hurry to eat vinegar or orange juice this weekend indecision.

Happy New Year


May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your extremely kind gifts, cards and messages at Christmas time, I felt very spoiled indeed.


We are now fully back into the swing of things here in year 4. Our first week back was great fun, especially the fantastic pantomime visit on Wednesday. The children's behaviour was exemplary, and they laughed their little socks off!  We also enjoyed our first swimming lesson on Thursday, wow what a week!  We ended the week with a relaxing art lesson where we created portraits of our partners, as Picasso once said - 'Every child is an artist', in our class that is definitely true.


We have so many exciting things to look forward to this half term, the children are so excited to get learning about the Gruesome Tudors!  As always, if you have any concerns or comments regarding your child I am always available for a chat.


Thanks again,


Mrs Reid

Portraits Lesson One