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Group 1

Starting with Jam 15/09/21

It is always lovely to start Forest School with a new group and this week we started with year 1. The blackberries are big and juicy so it was a great chance to pick them and turn them into jam. After exploring and finding out where the fruit was we set off to pick as many fat berries as we could. We got lots and lots. We put them into a pot and then added some sugar. We had picked so many that when they heated up they went all over the cooker. Oh dear, what a sticky mess. There was still plenty of jam left in the pot.

When it was cooked there were lots of berries left so we turned those into paint. No brushes? Never mind we’ll use our hand for some splodge paint mixing.

When the jam had cooled enough we had it with some hot buttered toast – yum yum. There was just time to have a go on the trim trail before we had to go in for lunch.

Next week we will have adventures in the Dene.