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Summer term

Blending using chalks.

We mixed colours and created effects through blending then added silhouettes. 

Book Winners!

Making windmills and coasters!

Art Week 

We've developed lots of techniques in art this week and looked at the work of several artists. We loved using string to create prints. 

Alnwick Gardens Trip 

We all had an amazing time at Alnwick Gardens! We took part in a workshop about safe and unsafe things to put into and onto our bodies and visited the Poison Garden. Ask us what the best remedy for a nettle sting is. We explored the garden itself and loved hunting for plant information in the maze and the Bamboo Garden, we got very wet and spent a wonderful afternoon in Lilidorei. Thank you Year Two for making the school so proud of you and for being polite, several members of the public commented to me how well behaved you all were and how much fun you seemed to be having. Lilidorei was voted, "The best playground ever!"


Poison Garden...

Printing in Art 

We have enjoyed exploring a range of printing techniques in art. 

Creative Fun!

We have used epoxy resin and hardener to make objects, some of us made candle holders, some ornaments/holders and some of us have started to make coasters. We have had lots of fun adding decorations and mixing colours, glitter, dried flowers and items into our resin and being creative. 

Science Planting 

Lots more planting in science this week! Thank you to Harper for her carrot and tomato seeds and to Penny for her peas. We have learned lots about germination, seed life cycles and parts of plants. 

In art, we have been learning about Jackson Pollock. We talked about his work and imitated his style using different techniques. 

Multi Skills 

We enjoyed a visit today from PE coach Abbie and loved our multi-skills session! 

Allotments visit 

Today we visited the Rainbow Allotments and started to plant some seeds. We planted French Bean seeds, radishes and beetroot and hopefully will make many more visits to watch them grow and plant different things in each season. We had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you to Millie's Grandad for making us so welcome and we loved seeing the rhubarb! 

Come and See

Thank you to everyone who came to our, 'Come and See' session this morning, it was lovely to see you all. We have been learning about Civil Rights and Social Activists in history and have explored famous activists such as Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, today, we found out about Malala Yousafzai. Ask the children what can we learn from Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai and how have they helped to make the world a better place? 

Science germination 

We have been busy planting in science and learning about germination. Lots of our plants are growing!

Our visit to the Synagogue. 

We had a wonderful visit to the United Hebrew Synagogue. We handled Mezuzah's, Kippah's and artefacts. We opened the Ark and saw the Torah, we enjoyed looking at texts in Hebrew and seeing some scrolls. Year Two have found out lots about Judaism! 


We had lots of fun learning how to hula hoop. 

Investigating Plants and planting 

In Science, we have been learning about the life cycle of seeds and have planned fair tests about how to grow healthy plants. We made a hypothesis, talked about variables, observed and drew conclusions. We have planted sunflowers, beans, broccoli, carrot and cauliflower so far.