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Term 3b Week 3

Reception really enjoyed their trip to the farm we saw and smelled lots of animals!  You just can't get that sort of thing from a story book, the bull was enormous and the pigs smelled really bad, the baby pigmy goats nibbled everything and the lambs we bottle fed were really strong.  All of the children were amazing, bravely feeing and holding different animals, going on a tractor ride and walking a long way!  It really helped us appreciate what a farm might be like, as well as seeing some animals we wouldn't normally see on a farm like emus, snakes, millipedes and wallabies. 

Term 3b Week 2

We have been looking at the story of 'What the ladybird heard' and drawing maps of the journey the robbers took when they were trying to steal the prize cow.  The minibeast hunt we took at the end of the week was really good fun and we found lots of creatures around our school grounds.  The Rekenrek work has been going very well too and we are all getting so good at 'one push' numbers and knowing without counting (subitising).

Farm Maps

Finding numbers up to 10 on the Rekenreks

Here is the link to watch our class performance of Big Bear Funk!

Term 3b Week 1

We started back after the holidays with a super week, many of the children remembering our rules and routines and even more new equipment in our Reception class room. In our Mastering Number Maths lessons we have begun to use the rekenreks to think about amounts and look at numbers within numbers.

"What The Ladybird Heard" is our text for this half term we thought about the characters in the story, the main events,  and the place that it happens.  It is written by Julia Donaldson who also wrote "The Gruffalo" and "Stick Man".




What the Ladybird Heard

Term 3a Week 1

We started back with a very busy week, thinking about growing and changing, learning the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth and retelling it with actions in the sand with cat hats on.   In Maths we have been finding numbers in the number 8 and using sentences to express them i.e. '2 add 4 add 2 equals 8' or '8 is made of 3 and 3 and 2.' We finished off the week by planting beans, we are looking forward to watching them grow all through the summer term!

Acting Out the Story

Composition of 8

Planting Beans