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Spring Term

Gymnastics week 4: We moved on to rolls...


We had great fun learning our new song in music today. We are trying to learn an instrumental part to it using the xylophones and glockenspiels. It is very hard to learn the song and then to still sing. It is made even harder when the teacher likes to improvise some words!

We donated money to the charity 'Sport Relief' in order to wear our 'sports gear.'
The Vikings are coming!
The children enjoyed filling a (long) roll of wallpaper with all of the interesting facts they discovered about the Vikings.  Livinia found out that the word Viking means pirate and Lincoln was fascinated by the various methods of punishment the Vikings had for their enemies.
Gymnastics week 3 - jumping!  We worked in a group to develop a routine.
We celebrated World Book Day by sharing our favourite bedtime (or any time) stories.
Gymnastics week 2.  We investigated balances on large and small body parts before moving on to counter balance and counter tension. 
Gymnastics - week 1.  The children explored shape on the floor and on the bench.
Year 6 visited HMS Trincomalee where we took part in a workshop called All Hands on Deck.  The children investigated nautical artifacts, deciphered codes using flags, explored food and drink on board a ship, were taught to tie a variety of knots and their favourite activity of all - dressing up!  We explored the ship and will be using our first hand experience to help with our writing.  Staff at the centre were very impressed by the thoughtfulness of the pupils questions.
We explored composition and tone during art week.

Many year 6 pupils attended the school disco held in the hall on the 13th of February.

Well done to all of the children in Year 6 for completing the 20 day fitness challenge.

Coding 05/02/20

Check this out for some cool coding. Year 6 have started to use Java script to make some apps.

onEvent("button2", "click", function(){playSound("sound://category_achievements/bubbly_game_achievement_sound.mp3");
onEvent("calldatrobotaname", "click", function(){setScreen("CALLHIMNAMEE");});
onEvent("kickywicky", "click", function(){setScreen("sluurp");});
onEvent("button12", "click", function(){setScreen("startScreen");});
onEvent("climbyclomby", "click", function(){setScreen("ladder");});
onEvent("itsreindtime", "click", function(){setScreen("startScreen");});
onEvent("clmboiclmboi", "click", function(){setScreen("wiggleoutttt");});
onEvent("godup", "click", function(){setScreen("ladder");});
onEvent("leftButton", "click", function(){setScreen("wiggleoutttt");});
onEvent("godown", "click", function(){setScreen("wiggleout");});

Congratulations for winning the competition to design a fantastical creature.  The winning drawing was recreated by illustrator Steven Lenton.
A big thank you to all of the carers / parents / grandparents who came in on Tuesday morning.

Come and See morning

Investigating the laws of reflection.
We started the 20 day fitness challenge with Mr Churchward.
A trip to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to watch the pantomime Beauty and the Beast.