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Newburn Families

All children in the school are allocated a ‘family group’ which includes pupils from Reception up to Year 6. We meet once a week to discuss topical issues and share activities. The family names are Armstrong, Collingwood, Darling, Hancock, Parson, Stephenson and Swan.


Each family group has a year 6 Captain and Vice Captain, who collect the Reception children and take them to the classrooms.


We hold elections for these positions in the second week of each school year and are voted for by the children in their respective family group.


Some of the topics we have discussed together include...


  • Cleaning up the world - thinking about how people can look after our world and the community around us.
  • Black history month - including What do you think of when you think about Africa? Why do you think that lots of people only imagine poverty and wild animals when they think about Africa?
    If you came from an African country how would you feel about the images we see in the media?
  • Equal opportunities - understanding life is not always fair and that sometimes groups of people are treated more favourably than others. Can you think of groups of people who might be discriminated against?
  • Bullying - how bullying makes us feel and how we can try and stop it.
  • Friendship - what makes a good friend?
  • Kindness - thinking about giving, including you don’t have to buy anything to give someone a present, something homemade is just as nice, Why do we give presents? What do we need to think about when we are choosing a present?