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Group 2

Birds Calling to Spring 18/03/20

What a great way to spend a Wednesday morning. We found out so much. We walked along the track and looked at the ash tree and compared it to the oaks that we found. The bark is different. We then we and played on the 'climbing tree' and had a game of hide and seek.

When we got to our Forest School site some children wanted to have a go at their own version of hide and seek called camouflage. Others set up their own dens, even building a 'hot tub'!. We put out all the hammocks and it was fantastic just listening to the birds. Inspired by the sounds some children made some stick birds, I thought they looked great. 

To finish we had a talk about how some trees got their name. It really felt like the children were comfortable in their surroundings and at ease choosing the activities they enjoy the most. 

Den Making and Weaving 10/03/20

It was a blustery day in the dene today on top of that there were showers threatened. I was worried about the wind, but  could prepare for the rain. Luckily down in the dene the wind was quiet and we could continue with our Forest School session. 

We went directly to the dene and while Mrs. Heslop played a game I quickly set up a tarp, and just in time as it then began to rain. We got under the tarp and discussed what we wanted to do with the session. I reminded the children what we had done the previous week. The children nearly all wanted to build their own den. I showed them how I made mine and gave out lots of den making materials. The children set to work. There were some very good dens, good enough that they could use them to shelter under while they had their hot chocolate.

Other children had made some beautiful braids. They then helped others to make some more it was a great session.

To finish we played blindfolded find the tree. It was interesting to feel the different textures that bark can have and w3e looked at what trees had crinkled bark and which ones had smooth. 

Making and Swinging 04/03/20

We found some large pieces of ice on the path today which surprised me as although it was cold the sun was out. Our walk to the dene took longer than normal as we had to call to the horses and then a child remembered that there was a good climbing tree just up from the path so off we went to investigate. It was a good tree for climbing but maybe not big enough for 13 children!

When we got to the dene we had a lot of fun putting up hammocks and swinging in them. It was very tempting to lie back in the sun and have a little chill but other children had ideas too. We got out the drills and the bow saw to make some things. 

By the time we had had a break it was already time to pack up to come back to school.

Hello Forest School 26/02/20

It was nice to get reaquainted with the new group of Forest School children. They remembered a lot from year 1 but it was still good to refresh our memories of how we should all behave at Forest School. We emphasise looking after ourselves, each other and the wood. To help remember everyone wove a bracelet out of wool. I wonder if we found some string vines we could make one out of growing material?

I brought along the hammocks, some children played with these while others wanted to make stick men. It was good fun finding the right stick for the job and then colouring it in.

After hot chocolate there was only enough time to find a listening spot where we spent 5 minutes listening to the sound of the woods. It was very peaceful.