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Summer term

Farm Trip

On Thursday we went to Low Barns farm to celebrate out 'What the Ladybird Heard' topic.  We went for a long walk, and had a lie down in the long grass to listen to all of the sounds of nature.  The farmer brought us our snack on his quad bike and we had a story map to complete by looking out for animals and features around the farm, we paused by the river and retold our stories.  Lunch was in the barn on some sawdust bales and we got to see the peacocks and peahens looking after their chicks!  In the afternoon we went on a bug hunt and found lots of creepy crawlies.  So many of the children had a sleep on the bus on the way home.  What a fantastic day!

Term 3a Week 3

A slightly shorter week this week but we still packed in the action with our PE lesson on the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) for the first time.  Beginning our drumming sessions with the Newcastle Music Service, half of the class having their first taste of Forest School on the school grounds and wearing our own red, white and blue clothes on Friday to celebrate the Coronation, as well as our usual Phonics, Reading, Maths and English work.


We also spent our Newbies this Friday with some children having saved them up and getting a take away for lunch and others spending them on trinkets, or soft toys. 

Term 3a Week 2

This week we have met our new Teaching Assistant Miss Pountney who will be with us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Continuing our theme of growing and changing we have talked about germination of seeds and put some beans in to soak so we can see them growing in the coming weeks.  We have labeled pictures of seedlings, worked on our doubling skills using the stem sentence '... is made of ... and ... double ... is ...' eg. '4 is made of 2 and 2 double 2 is 4'.  On Friday afternoon we harvested our cress and made cress sandwiches which nearly everyone had a bite of and most of Reception finished them off completely!


Mrs Wafi taught Reception about internet safety during their PSED session

Term 3a Week 1


We have had a busy return to school this week with 4 days of 100% attendance well done Reception!

The book we are looking at this half term is Jaspers Beanstalk and our topic is 'How do you grow a Beanstalk? - growing and changing.  We have read the story and begun to learn to tell it for ourselves, acted out the story in the sand pit with soft toy beans, planted cress and been on a walk around our school grounds to look and listen for signs of spring such as flowers, buds on trees and birds singing.