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Autumn Term

Talking PANTS with our School Nurse


We were lucky enough to have Rachel (our school nurse) in to class this week to talk to us about PANTS. Rachel spoke to us about how important it is to understand that we have rights over our body and to make sure we can tell a trusted adult if we feel uncomfortable or unsafe about how people treat us. We were shown a video from the NSPCC website about a dinosaur called Pantosaurus who taught us an awesome song with lyrics to help us remember what Rachel had taught us. 



African Kente Cloths


As part of learning about the Kenyan culture, we have been looking at some of their artwork and crafts. We came across African kente cloths and loved the patterns they create with material. We had a go but used paper to create patterns similar to those traditionally used in Africa. 

Picture 1

P.E with Mr Pickup


Year 2 are lucky enough to be taught P.E by Mr Pickup on Thursdays. This half term, they are developing their throwing and catching skills and have been learning to do this whilst moving! Take a look at the pictures below. 

Going on Safari Bingo Homework


Although it proved a little too expensive to take all of Year 2 to Kenya and go on safari, our class have done the best job at bringing Kenya to Newburn. Check out some of their amazing creations. 

Adding 2-digit numbers


This week, we have been learning to use resources to add two 2-digit numbers! We have been using Base 10 and Numicon to do the additions and it has been extremely helpful! We have been remembering to count the tens first and then the ones to get our final answer. 

Animals including Humans


In our science topic, we have been thinking about how we grow and matching animals to their young. We found out that animals have different names when they are younger. Have a look at us matching them together.

Opening the Book


We were able to help out with 'Open the Book' for the first time. Year 2 helped to tell the story of creation to the rest of school.