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Vision Statement


We deliver a broad and thorough PSHE curriculum, teaching key life skills to support the whole development of our pupils.  We firmly believe our duty as a primary school is to provide our students with the tools they need to navigate through the stresses and pressures of modern life.  We encourage open and honest discussions and introduce students to the importance of physical and mental wellbeing and how to achieve this both as children and the adults that they will become.


The well-being of all pupils is what underpins all that we do here at Newburn Manor.  We create a nurturing, friendly environment where all children can grow and become the best version of themselves.  To ensure that all our children are able to thrive, both personally and academically, we strive to provide a PSHE curriculum which equips them to do so.


We believe that whilst it is important to prepare children for adulthood, we must also appreciate that childhood is a valid life stage in it's own right and we should empower children to be autonomous, independent and respectful (of themselves and others).  Here at Newburn Manor, we really do know our school community and the needs of our children and although we take guidance from the DoE and the PSHE Association, our PSHE provision is tailored specifically for Newburn Manor children and it is appropriate for their age, emotional maturity and sensitive to any additional needs they may have.


Through our curriculum we provide the children with the knowledge and skills they need to lead full-filled, healthy and positive lives.  We consider current and local issues which impact our children and discuss them openly and honestly. We aim to encourage children to evaluate their own personal and social development and discuss cultural and moral issues openly and honestly.  Diversity is celebrated and children from all walks of life feel valued and included.


Our children are also encouraged to consider their part in the wider world and how they can take responsibility for their own actions and be good citizens.  Within our curriculum, children are made aware of the risks of modern life and their rights as both children and people.





The intended outcomes of our PSHE curriculum are that pupils:


  • Know and understand the features of positive, safe relationships including online.  They will have the confidence, and vocabulary to seek help or support if they recognise that they are not being treat appropriately or are at risk.
  • Are able to cope with peer pressure and negative influences.
  • Know the difference between a good surprise and a secret – and when to seek help.
  • Understand that they have a right to be happy and healthy.  They have the right to be respected, feel safe and succeed, regardless of gender, disability, faith or sexuality.
  • Understand they have a responsibility to keep themselves safe, to treat others with respect and care, and look after the world around them.
  • Understand how to be healthy, both physically and mentally and develop strategies to promote good health (diet, sleep, exercise and positive interactions with others).
  • Understand what negatively impacts on our health and wellbeing and be fully aware of the risks associated with smoking, drinking alcohol and drug use.
  • Develop skills of listening, communicating and assessing risk.
  • Develop attributes of compassion, tolerance, kindness and empathy.
  • Have the skills and knowledge to be respectful, safe digital citizens.




Our curriculum is delivered via weekly lessons, with teachers promising 10 hours per term of discreet PSHE teaching (see our knowledge organisers for content).  We have many established cross curricular links with subjects such as PE, RE, science and English where the principals of PSHE are further embedded in alternative contexts.  We use a range of teaching methods such as stories, case studies, videos, role play and debate.  We also have links within the community to further enhance our delivery of PSHE, for example the school nurse, local care homes and the police.


We ensure that PSHE is fully inclusive and meets the needs of all our students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), we achieve this by liaising with parents, and offering bespoke tailored education to those children whom need it in the form of our acorns provision, 1:1 support and Lego therapy.


We believe that PSHE should meet the needs of all pupils, whatever their developing sexuality or identity and this should include age-appropriate teaching about different types of relationships in the context of the law. Pupils should receive teaching on LGBT relationships, which is delivered at Newburn, for example, through teaching about different types of family, including those with same sex parents.