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Tudor Houses 13/05/2022

Oh my what a busy week this one has been. I feel quite overwhelmed by how hard everyone has worked. We started the week by experimenting with joins. We researched the look of Tudor houses, made paper models, used card kits to get different designs then moved on to making our own models. To make a model from scratch using a wood frame is very complicated. Plans were drawn and re-drawn so that each section would fit together. This was done across a group of 6 pupils. Getting all of the group to work together was another challenge. In the end all the different groups made their own design and got 90% of it made. We just ran out of time with most houses needing a bit of decoration to get them looking A1.

I was blown away by the variety and ideas that the children solved problems and made each model unique. Well done Year 5, you all worked very hard this week and made fantastic models.

Tudor Houses 09/05/22

Today we started our DT topic on Tudor houses. We have looked at some common design features and then thought of different ways to join wood together. It looked easy but to get a strong join it is difficult. After some experiments and some research on the internet we have started to develop some good ideas. Which join would you use?

Mini Police - Burglary 

Today Darren and Rachel were back to work with our Mini Police children.  The group talked about what happens when there is a burglary and how the police investigate this.  Darren and Rachel then set up a crime scene which the group had to investigate for clues while wearing appropriate clothing so they did not contaminate the evidence.  

Kielder Update: Now with over 500 pictures uploaded. Enjoy, what a great time we had.

Kielder Day 4 28/04/22

We were back with the scout leaders for most of the day. In the morning we did archery, there are some very good marksmen and several bullseyes were scored. Meanwhile another group were throwing axes and 'angel stars'. I preferred the stars as they had 3 points to stick into the target and were lighter to throw. The final group did an activity called low ropes. This was a kind of assault course over several rope obstacales. It was great fun, especially after the children had to start to carry a cup of water around.

After lunch the children did the climbing activities that they had not yet done. I could not get over the resilience they showed. There were several children who are scared of heights, this did not stop them having a go and all of the group I was with showed amazing bravery completing the activity.

Day 3 Kielder 27/04/22

A change in pace today as we spend the day in camp crafting and cooking. Lots and lots of things on offer from leather work to tool making. Mr Forester got two fires going we used one to boil a huge kettle which kept me in top strength coffee the other we used for casting metal jewellery. We then went on cook some fab chilli as a snack, we ate it with wraps. 

In the evening we took a walk to Leaplish to play on the adventure playground, eat treats and find out about the 'White Lady'.

Another busy day, but very different from before. This change in pace and variety of experience is another reason I think the Kielder experience is such a rich one.

Kielder Day 2  26/04/22

If we thought yesterday was busy - well today was totally crazy! Bellboating in the morning. A huge effort by all the children. We paddled across the width to the lake, I tried not to splash too much but with a fantastic team led by a brilliant captain (all children) we raced across despite a head wind.

In the afternoon there was climbing activities; abseiling, climbing wall and a Jacob's Ladder. The determination and bravery the children showed was breathtaking but so was the positive attitudes and enjoyment of being outside. I could really see that Newburn ethos amongst the children.

Tonight we had a campfire with songs, games and then marshmallows on a stick. I think anyone would be pushed to to cram anything else into the day.

Kielder Monday 25th April

A full on first day of activities. A walk to the bird of prey centre, games and puzzles with the scout leaders and then, of course, 'The Mud Run'. With great team work no lost shoes, but there were still a lot of muddy clothes and great big smiles. The children have settled in very well, with a great feeling of working together. With everyone showered and drinking their hot chocolate, working on their journals it is obvious that although tired the children are happy to be here.  The site has been badly affected by the storms earlier this year but we have managed to adapt and everyone is very much looking forward to a morning in the boats and then onto the huge tower for climbing. photos will follow.