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Autumn Term

The Penultimate Week Before the Christmas Holidays

Autumn B, Week 6


What a week we have had in Year 2! We have been extremely busy and have had lots of exciting things going on. Our classroom elf (Elvis) has also been causing lots of havoc. We really enjoyed having a Zoom session with the author Vivian French - she told us some ideas for how to get started on a story and read us some of her new book, from the series Lottie Luna. 

We have also had an amazing end to our week - we had our annual Christmas party this Friday. Although we had to adhere to social distancing rules, we had the best time playing some dancing games and enjoying some pizza in our classroom.

Anti-Bullying Week

Autumn B - Week 3


This week, we have taken part in lots of discussions around Anti-Bullying Week. We started the week wearing odd socks and watching an assembly all about why we do that. We spoke about why it is important to understand that everyone is different and that is ok. The odd socks represented everybody's differences. On Wednesday, we were also lucky enough to have Big Foot Productions come into school and perform. We heard Tommy's and Sally's stories of bullying. Hannah, who lead the session, told us we have superpowers to overcome the times when other people make us feel sad. 

Inamojo Session and Children in Need

Autumn B, Week 2


We have seen another busy week in Year 2 and we have learned lots of things. In science, we have been learning about the human life cycle and made videos about key changes that happen at each stage - we loved writing our scripts and presenting them. 


This has also been our first week taking part in Inamojo with the Rise team. They work with schools across Newcastle and Gateshead to help support the emotional and mental wellbeing of children. In our first session, we heard a story of a dragon and learned how to cope with some emotions. Take a look at the pictures below. 

Children in Need took place on Friday of this week and we supported by bringing in donations and joining in with Joe Wicks on his last 25 minutes of his 24 hour stint of exercise. 

A Classroom Full of Fireworks

Autumn B, Week 1


Our first week back has been a full and busy one - we have had lots going on! We started our weekly yoga sessions again this week and loved getting back into it! Year 2 tried their hardest to get into the poses and hold them. On Tuesday, Mrs Merrix had a surprise waiting in the classroom for us - a firework display and hot chocolates! We used this, and a poem ('Crackle! Spit!) to give us ideas for our own firework poetry. Take a look at some of the stanzas that were written:


Pop! Ping!

What is this? 

Silver, golden, teal.

Pop! Ping! 

Smoking up, 

Multi-coloured stars.  - Georgie


Whoosh! Swoosh!

What is this? 

Silver, golden, green. 

Whoosh! Swoosh! 

Exploding up, 

Shapes above my head. - Vinnie


Blast! Zoom!

Feel the wind, 

Freezing my little cheeks. 

Blast! Zoom! 

Hot chocolate,

Tasty in my mouth. - Catherine


Take a look at us enjoying the display!



Sketching Superstars

Autumn A, Week 7


In our final week of our first half term, we have been loving art! Our main focus has been trying to improve our sketching skills. We started the week by drawing ourselves from memory but really focused in on the details of faces as the week went on. You can see us in the pictures below looking at eyes and creating a whole class piece of art - a jigsaw of Samuel Peyps!

A Whole Lotta History

Autumn A -  Week 6


We have been doing so much work on the Great Fire of London and this week we really became historians and debated what the main causes of the fire were and which ones were most important. At the beginning, we thought the fire in the bakery was the ONLY cause of the fire...However, we learned that there were lots of secondary causes that helped the fire grow and become the famous Great Fire of London that we know about. Take a look at us ordering the causes by their significance.

Super Scientists

Autumn A, Week 5


This week, we have been investigating the absorbability of different types of paper to see which ones would be best after there was a suspected leak in our classroom over lunchtime. We tested which paper could absorb the most water and made careful observations. Year 2 loved doing this activity and couldn't wait to use the most suitable material to finally dry off their tables!

National Poetry Day 2020

Autumn A - Week 4


On Thursday 1st October, it was National Poetry Day and we celebrated it in class by reading a poem about why we are all special. We also discuss what makes Year 2 special and had some lovely thoughts and answers. Here are some examples of our poems:

The Great Fire of London

Autumn A, Week 3


This week, we have been learning more about the Great Fire. We now know how it started, where it started and how long it burned for! We have made pieces of art inspired by the fire. Take a look at some examples below.

Super Writing

Autumn A - Week 2


This week we have been reading 'Mog and the Vee Ee Tee' by Judith Kerr. Year 2 have been working lots on the vocabulary in the story and ordering what happens. Mrs Merrix wanted us to write a recount of what happens in the story and was really impressed by how hard we were working - take a look!

Welcome Back!


Autumn A - Week 1


After what has been an extremely long time away from school for most of you, we are back this week! Year 2 have had a fantastic week and have really impressed Mrs Merrix and Miss Luke with how they have settled back into Newburn Manor life. Although there are some different routines during these times, Year 2 have come back with positive, smiling faces and have made it a pleasure to return. Keep watch on this page for some exciting updates about our half term.