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Welcome to Year 5


It is lovely to teach the class for a second time at Newburn Manor.  They have all grown and matured since Year 2 and it is lovely to see how far they have come.  The class have settled in really well, starting the year positively and doing their best.  They have all been eager to take part in their learning and show enthusiasm throughout the week.  This week we have already started our work on place value in Maths.  Our history topic this half term in Ancient Maya and in Science the class will be learning all about Space with Mr Vyle.  The class are looking forward to reading our novel for this half term which is Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.  


I will update this page regularly so please keep checking to see what the class have been doing.  Watch this space...


Mrs Gill  

Shadow Science 17/09/21


Year 5 are learning about space this term. Today we had the tricky problem of proving the earth moves and not the sun - despite what we can see. One of the ways that we saw this was the way our shadows moved through the day. In fact in just 15 minutes you could measure a difference. I was pleased it was not too cloudy today.