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Helping your child when reading at home...

The following questions can be used to help your child's comprehension skills and understanding of their school reader. You can choose the questions that best fit your child's age group


Questions to ask when you child has chosen a book:

  • What is the title of the book?

  • What kind of book is it? (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short story etc.)

  • Who is the author / illustrator?

  • Have you read any other books by the same author?

  • What made you choose this book? (Author, cover, illustration, recommendation, etc.)

  • Did you read the blurb before selecting the book?

  • Could you tell anything about the book before you started reading it? What were the clues?

  • Have you read this book before? Why have you chosen it again?


Questions to ask before the child begins the book:

  • What has happened so far?

  • What do you think will happen next?

  • What are the clues that make you think this?

  • How would you like the story to end?

  • Are you involved in the story? Why?

  • Where is the story set? Is there a description?

  • When is the story set? (Past, present, future)

  • Who are the characters in the story? Who do you like / dislike?

  • Do you feel similar to any of the characters? Tell me what is similar.


Questions to ask when your child has finished reading the book:

  • Is there anything you disliked about the story?

  • At what point did you decide you liked / disliked the story?

  • If you have read this book before, did you enjoy it more this time?

  • Did you notice anything special about the way language is used in this book? (descriptive writing etc.)

  • If you had written this book, how would you have made it better?

  • Has anything that happens in this book ever happened to you?

  • Can you describe an exciting moment or favourite part of the story?

  • Is the story straightforward? Is there more than one story happening at the same time?

  • Who was telling the story? Was this the most important character in the story?

  • Do we get to know the characters quickly, or do they build up slowly through the book?

  • Was the ending as you expected? Did you like the way the story ended?

  • Do you like the illustrations? Do you have a favourite?

  • Would you recommend this book to your friends? Tell me what you would say to a friend.