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Roles and Responsibilities


The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO):

  • overseeing the day-to-day operation of the policy coordinating provision for pupils with SEN coordinating planning, provision and assessment for pupils who are looked after and have SEN as the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children
  • advising on the graduated approach to providing SEN support
  • advising on the deployment of the school’s delegated budget and other resources to meet pupils’ needs effectively
  • liaising with parents of pupils with SEN
  • liaising with early years providers, other schools, educational psychologists, health and social care professionals, and independent or voluntary bodies
  • being a key point of contact with external agencies, especially the local authority and its support services
  • liaising with potential next providers of education to ensure a pupil and their parents are informed about options and a smooth transition is planned
  • working with the head teacher and school governors to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities under the Equality Act (2010) with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements
  • ensuring that the school keeps the records of all pupils with SEN up to date


The class teacher:

  • Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils

  • Promote good progress and outcomes for pupils

  • Plan and teach lessons in which teaching responds to the strengths and needs of pupils with SEN

  • Work closely with support staff in the planning and monitoring of interventions

  • Make accurate and productive use of assessment to inform the four part cycle

  • Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment

  • Fulfil wider professional responsibilities in relation to SEN eg. the effective deployment of support staff, professional development, acting on specialist advice

  • Communicate effectively with parents with regard to pupils achievements and pupils well-being


The SENTA, Mrs S. Longstaff, supports individuals and groups of pupils at SEN support level of provision, both in class and through withdrawal for targeted interventions/ programmes. She also works closely with any pupil who has an Education, Health and Care Plan. Other support staff may also deliver targeted intervention across the school.



The designated teacher for child protection is Mr S. Pickup


The designated members of staff responsible for managing pupil premium are Mr. S. Pickup and Mrs. C. Gill