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Autumn term


Thank you for all your food contributions yesterday we had a fantastic afternoon partying! 

PHSE and Mental Health 

We shared what we have learned about mental health this half term and discussed strategies we can use to help us in our friendships. 

DT Week 

This week we have designed, made and evaluated polar puppets. We have cut, sewn, glued and glittered and had lots of fun making our puppets! 

Attendance Book Winners this half term. 


Getting crafty in Year Two! 

We have made earrings, bracelets and tree decorations as part of our enterprise stall but we have been busy with cards, calendars, more tree decorations and glitter!! 

Christmas Play 

Well done to everyone for all your hard work in our Christmas play. We had lots of fun performing! 

Homework Projects 

We have been busy with some fantastic homework projects this half term! Cooking, building, designing, drawing, writing and investigating linked to our Polar Regions topic. Well done to everyone who has worked hard on their project! 

Investigating Shape 

We investigated how many octagons, hexagons, triangles, pentagons and quadrilaterals we could make from 18 lollipop sticks. We played games sorting and describing shapes. 

Gymnastics Jumping.

We have been busy in gymnastics this week mastering our basic jumping skills. We learned how to do scissor kicks, leap from running and standing positions, turn, side step, squat, skip and hopscotch and had lots of fun. 


Children in Need Day 

We found out how Children in Need helps those who need it most and took part in fun activities during the day. 

Open the Book Assembly. 

We loved taking part in the Open the Book Assembly today! 

Adding in Maths. 

We have been adding two 2-digit numbers and using base 10 to help us. We have learned about an augend and addend and found the sum of two numbers. 


Blubber Glove Experiment. 

We are enjoying learning about the polar regions in Geography and animals in Science and wondered how animals can keep their bodies at a constant temperature in the freezing Arctic and Antarctic. We filled a container with lots of ice, filled our hands and a rubber glove with fat and put our hands into the icy water. We found out that we could keep the hand inside the fat-filled glove in the icy water for much longer because fat doesn't conduct heat well compared to water, so it keeps heat in and cold out. Blubber insulates animals like whales and seals in the same way and so their bodies can be kept at a constant temperature. 

Science Day!

We celebrated Science Day by taking part in different investigations and making a hypothesis, testing our ideas, drawing conclusions and finding out about why reactions happened, and what would happen if we changed a different variable. We had lots of fun being scientists. 

Making a Lava Lamp!

We loved making lava lamps and investigated what happened when we mixed oil and water. Ask us why they separated. We added food colouring and an effervescent tablet and talked about the reactions we made. We investigated adding things in a different order, different amounts and colours and had lots of fun! 

Experiments with Skittles!

We investigated what happened when we added cold, warm or hot water to skittles and why. We made patterns and talked about our hypothesis, ideas and drew conclusions then we ate the rest of the skittles! 

Balancing in PE 

This week, we have been learning how to balance and we can perform lots of different balances on small body parts. We had fun balancing in different ways, working in pairs, groups and individually and playing pop up pirate with adding objects onto a friend as they balanced! 

Times Tables 

We have been investigating the ten times table and factors, repeated addition, arrays, groups, the commutative property of multiplication and what a product is. We have been making links and talking about our patterns and findings. 


Coding Fun!

We have been using the Scratch program in Computing to find out how games work and had lots of fun! 

Going to the Poles!

We are travelling to the Polar regions this half term and have used atlases to locate and find out about the Arctic and Antarctica. We are reading lots of books to research and prepare ourselves for becomming intrepid explorers...

Mastering Number

We love our mastering number sessions! We have been exploring odd and even numbers and investigated ways to make odd numbers and their shapes and patterns whilst exploring what odd numbers can be made up of.

PE Gymnastics 

We have been learning about making shapes this week in PE and could make lots of different pike shapes, straddles and tucks and worked with partners to create letters and shapes. We are developing our gymnastics skills over the next few weeks and will be performing sequences with rolls, jumps, balances and different ways of travelling. 

Art Work 

We used sketching pencils, charcoal and pastels to explore the work of Georgia O'Keefe and Vincent van Gogh. 

Well done Year Two for a busy, enjoyable and hardworking half term! I am very proud of how well you have all settled and hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing half term. Why not try out some of the art skills you've learned this week if you go on an autumn walk. Remember to try to start logging onto TTRS if you haven't tried it out yet and we will do this in class also after half term but it is lots of fun! Keep up the reading and spelling (we got our best spelling result ever today but we could still get a lot higher!) and well done to all those who took home Gold attendance certificates. Here are our book winners so far...

Learning to build our resilience

The RISE team worked with us to learn about what resilience is. We used the analogy of being like a bouncy ball and explored a story about a tree growing. We thought about things we found difficult and things we are good at and shared who are the people and things that help us. Next we made a resilience tree using leaves of things that make us brilliant and branches that make our class brilliant. We discovered the power of, 'YET' and enjoyed developing strategies that will help us to be resilient. 

Art Week 

We enjoyed finding items to talk about and sketch. We have been using our sketchbooks to record what we have seen outside and collected. In addition, we have learned new techniques and have experimented with different drawing techniques such as hatching, stippling, blending, shading, erasing and using line and tone. We have reflected on our observational drawings and learned about Georgia O'Keefe. 


Learning about Light 

We had a visit from people from Kielder who taught us all about light and we learned about constellations, stars, colours, how we see light and investigated. We made bracelets and could only see their colours under special lights! 

Homework Bingo

Here are some of our wonderful homework projects based on our history topic of, 'The Great Fire of London'. We wrote diaries, made houses, researched and painted pictures. 

The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead! 

Did you know that 168 years ago (to the exact day that we visited!) There was a huge fire in Newcastle and Gateshead? We visited the Discovery Museum to learn all about it and handled artefacts, dressed up, took part in drama activities and made our own puppets to use to act out the events. We all had a brilliant day and learned so much.