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We use Lexia® Core5® Reading which is a fun computer-based program that has helped millions of students. The activities in Core5 support and build on our classroom curriculum and focus on developing reading skills in six areas:

  • phonological awareness 
  • phonics
  • structural analysis
  • fluency 
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension.


Here’s how Lexia Core5 Reading works:

• Your child begins Core5 at a starting point that fits his or her needs and works in online activities throughout the week.

• Online activities include direct instruction and feedback as your child learns new skills.

• Progress and performance in the program is reported so teachers can provide help when needed.

• Paper-and-pencil activities are also used for practice and may be done in school or brought home.

• Achievement certificates may be sent home to celebrate success and to show progress in the program.


 Lexia Core5 Reading can be used at home for extra practice. Getting started is easy!

1. To use on a computer, go to

2. To use on an iPad or Android device, download the free Lexia Core5 Reading UK app.

3. The first time your child uses Core5, you may need to enter the teacher email shown below. Your child can then log in with the username and password used at school and listed below.


4. It is important that your child works without any help while using Core5. All of the work your child does at home is recorded and reported to school. This way, teachers can see when help is needed and provide additional instruction. 


Your child's user name and password is their first name and initial of surname

i.e. Sam Smith username is sams and the password is read.


The Teacher Email (for setup) is



Please see the document below if you are having difficulty logging on or downloading the Lexia app. This has the system requirements for using Lexia on either your phone, tablet, i-pad or pc.

Lexia Issues - We have had a few cases where an android device states that Lexia is not compatible as it forces the tablet to run lexia in a browser. If you change the settings to "use desktop version" it runs across almost all devices, please see fix below to see if this may help.

Thank you to one of our parents for this information.