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Summer Term

Science workshop from Royal Grammar School

Today Mr Williams came into school to deliver a fun Science workshop to Year 5.  He set us a challenge for the afternoon.  The task was to create a car with at least 3 wheels that would travel the furthest across the classroom using 1 or 2 balloons.  The class worked hard in their small groups to create their cars and there were some lovely designs being used with lots of creative thinking taking place.  No design was the same and it was lovely to see how the children had approached the task in different ways.  A very busy afternoon!    

Team Building in PE

Today we were practising our team building skills in PE. We had to organise ourselves in teams by order of height, birthdays etc... Afterwards we played a great team challenge where we had to untangle our skipping ropes by working together and communicating well. Mrs Ginnes was very impressed with how well we worked together. 


For the last couple of weeks we have had swimming lessons at the Royal Grammar School.  The class have had a fantastic time improving their swimming (and confidence) and coming on in leaps and bounds!  They have made lots of progress over the 5 sessions and enjoyed every bit.  Well done Year 5!  

Making Fire 14/06/21

Today was the last session of Makers Club for year 5 so today we concentrated on making fire. We started with just a fire steel and a bit of cotton wool and progressed until we had a fire big enough to boil some water on and make a cup of hot chocolate.

The process involved whittling a feather stick for the ‘baby’ flames to catch a hold of. Splitting other sticks down into tiny kindling. Then sorting everything so that we could keep the fire alight to boil our water.

It was a very good afternoon with everyone joining in and having fun. Well done makers of year 5.

Design and Technology Week - Photo Frames

This week we have become designers in Year 5.  We started the week researching different photo frames, looking at how they are made and how they work.  We then looked at different materials and made some models to test out different stands and frames.  We used this to help us create designs in our books before finally making our frames in class.  Once we had finished, we spent time evaluating our frames and thought about how we would improve them.  

Makers Club 24/05/21

This week Makers Club was a bit different as we were making the school a better place. Mr. Churchward had provided us with two Horse Chestnut trees to plant. The team set about finding a suitable spot, then digging two huge holes to put them in. Cutting the sod was very hard work but with perseverance we got the work done and planted the trees. We put in some weed barrier to help the trees establish themselves and with a healthy dose of water lets hope they can establish themselves.

By the time that was done there was just time for some mindful whittling. 

National Numeracy Day 2021

Today was National Numeracy Day.  To celebrate, we took part in several maths investigations in class.  The class really enjoyed making 1-30 using only 1,2,3 and 4.  Mrs Gill was very impressed with how well they used brackets!  We also played a 'Making 100' game too where pupils had targets to reach using their addition skills.  A fun, mathematical day!

Makers Club 17/05/21

Look at the lovely pine cone flowers that we made on a rainy Monday afternoon. Cutting the cones was very hard but the painting made them look fantastic, well done makers.


Mental Health Awareness Week


Today, at the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 (10th - 16th May), we talked about what mental health is and how we can support our mental health.  This year's theme is 'nature' so we went outside to listen and watch for the signs of spring.  We relaxed to gaze at the clouds and imagine what shapes they resembled.  There were even a few rabbits hopping about on the field!



A Class of Bookworms!

Mrs Gill has been blown away by the enthusiasm for reading in Year 5 at the moment.  Children are enjoying their library books and offering recommendations to their friends in class.  It has been lovely to see children choosing a range of texts and then wanting to read a sequel.  We read 'A Place called Perfect' by Helena Duggan' in class before Easter and we were all hooked right to the end.  Mrs Gill has never heard such excitement while reading a book to a class before!  Some children have chosen to read the sequel 'The Trouble with Perfect' and it is lovely to see such a commitment to want to read more.  Well done Year 5!  Keep it up!     

Exciting news - A New Class Novel




We have started reading our new class novel this week.  We enjoyed 'A Place called Perfect' so we can't wait to see what this book has to offer.  Watch this space for some fantastic writing...