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More P.E with Caroline 

Caroline was back at Newburn today to continue to work on our tennis skills.  This week we focused on our forearm swing.  We played games with one another and practised hitting the ball back to our partners.  Mrs Gill was really impressed with our support for one another. 

Ceilidh dancing

This week we continued working on our Explore Folk programme from Sage Gateshead.  We listened to the Blaydon Races and then performed a ceilidh dance together.  It wasn’t easy but everyone enjoyed themselves! 

Mini Police - Visiting the Police Station

Today the Mini Police visited the Police Station with Rachel and Darren.  They were taken into custody, visited the cells and even got to speak to the Sergeant who explained about what happened at the station.  She was very interested to find out what the children had been learning about with Darren and Rachel this year.  The children had lots to share and were full of super questions while we were there.  They all agreed custody wouldn't be a nice place to have to stay.  What a fantastic morning!

Newburn Leisure Centre with Westerhope Primary

We've had a great time at Newburn Leisure Centre today.  We worked in teams with Westerhope Primary school, making new friends and having a fantastic time completing lots of different activities.  Mr Outterside led the activities and we had a super time with help from some of the Year 6 children too.  All of the adults had lots of positive things to say about our behaviour, attitude and effort.  Well done Newburn!  Here are some photographs from the day.    

Back in time at Beamish

Today we had a fantastic day at Beamish Museum.  We visited the school which we thought looked a lot like Newburn Manor.  We soon realised that they were built around the same time.  We also looked through the town and also had a visit to the new part of the museum, the 1950's area.  We met some people along the way and asked them lots of questions.  We even spotted some suffragettes protesting outside the bank. 

Our workshop was great!  We met Mr Martin who talked to us about ice cream and how it came to the area.  We found out about penny licks, Italian ice cream parlours and how ice cream was made in the past.  We then had the opportunity to make our own ice cream.  A fantastic day!

World Book Day 

Today it was World Book Day.  We had lots of fantastic outfits from different stories over the years.  Well done to everyone who dressed up!  We enjoyed visiting the library to share book suggestions and find some new books that have just arrived that we may enjoy.  In class, we talked about favourite stories and favourite authors.  We also thought about who we like to read to and where we like to read.  We then designed our own 'Book Nooks' to inspire Mrs Gill who is going to revamp an area of the classroom to create our own Year 5 'Book Nook'.  Watch this space...

More P.E. with Caroline

This week Caroline was back to work with us in P.E.  We are going to be working on our tennis skills over the next few weeks. Today we practised our catching skills. We practised catching the ball after a bounce and we worked in pairs to challenge each other when moving to catch the ball. 

Music and Coding with Mr E

Today we had a great morning with Mr E from Conductive Music.  We worked on coding to create pieces of music using buttons, light and angles!  We used a Micro:bit to create a musical instrument using coding on our laptops.  It was amazing to watch the sound change when we programmed it to use the light sensors.  We finished the morning thinking about angles and ended the session by playing 'I'm a believer' using the Micro:bit!  A fantastic morning full of learning!


Mental Health Week

This week (7th -13th February) is Children's mental health week.  Year 5 took part in a workshop with the Worry Wizard from Big Foot productions.  She taught us how important it is to look after ourselves every single day.  We talked about the things that help us and what we can do when we have worries.  

Mini Police - Litter Picking


For the latest Mini Police session with Darren and Rachel from Northumbria Police, our group went litter picking in the local area.  First we walked to the Tyne Riverside Country Park, enthusiastically picking up litter along the way and then we returned to school and picked litter from the field in front of the school; our bags were very full when we had finished!  We came to realise that litter is a huge problem and we were glad that we were able to play a part in tidying up the mess that other people had left behind.  We all pledge to dispose of our own rubbish responsibly.


Coding Dojo 27/01/22


What a whirlwind of activity there was to be had in year 5 this morning. In partnership with the Royal Grammar School year 5 spent an intense 3 hours coding, using the free app ‘Scratch’. They proved to be able problem solvers as by the end of the session every child had produced a game based on the old classic Pacman. Some of the variations had dinosaurs devouring humans in a Jurassic Park like maze, others had a dragon fly trying to escape the frogs. One that I could relate to was the Pacman gaining powerups through getting to a bowl of cheesy puffs (hmmmm).

We will try and put them onto the school scratch studio so that you will be able to have a look yourself.

Mini Police - Water Safety


This week, Darren and Rachel from Northumbria Police visited school to discuss water safety with our very own Year 5 'Mini Police'.  We learned the SAFE water safety code to help protect ourselves and others from potential dangers whilst near water:


S - Spot the dangers

A - take Advice

F - go with a Friend or Family member

- learn what to do in an Emergency


Afterwards, Darren and Rachel kindly showed us around their Community Engagement Vehicle.  This is a special van which the police use to travel to different parts of the local area.  It is parked up and used as a meeting place for members of the community to share any concerns they may have.

Mini Police out on the street


This week Darren and Rachel came into school to work with some of the Year 5 pupils on checking the speed of cars in the local area. They talked about staying safe and within the law on the road. The group talked about why it is important to check speeds of cars and how it helps keep the area safe. They then went out into the local area to check the speeds of passing cars using the speed gun.  The group enjoyed using the equipment and logging the speeds of cars.

The final products - Save the Rainforest t-shirts


Here are our finished t-shirts...

Design and Technology - Save the Rainforest T-shirts


This week we have been working on our Design and Technology skills. We have been researching different textiles and how they are made, designing our own t-shirts for a teddy bear and using our sewing skills to create them.  It has been tricky at times but Mrs Gill has been so impressed with our perseverance when things became challenging. Here are a few photos of what we have done so far...