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Autumn A

Week 7


Art Week


This week we are exploring the visual elements of line, shape, pattern and colour.  We looked at an assortment of historical artefacts for our drawings and paintings.

Historical Enquiry


We began to think about how old the artefacts were by looking at them closely. We noticed some Egyptian hieroglyphics on a small pot and some of the figurines have Egyptian looking make up!  We think all of these items of from the Ancient Egyptian times. We thought about if they were practical objects or ornaments. We can’t wait to find out what they were used for and why!

Week 6


This week the children have written their own verse for a poem based on the traditional tale,

Little Red Riding Hood. We were inspired by Roald Dahl to use  rhyming couplets.

Well done the Mia and Shelby whose work is show below.

Week 5    9.10.20


Nonsense Poetry

This week we have been looking at rhyming couplets in poetry. We looked at a range of nonsense poems. All of the poems were about animals. We recognised the famous poem  'The Owl and the Pussy-Cat' but we learnt lots of new poems like 'The Octopuss.' It was about an octpuss who goes shoe shopping!

 We noticed that although all of the poems had rhymes within them, only a couple of poems used rhyming couplets. 



Fabulous Makers 06/10/20

Another glorious afternoon of inventive ideas and exploring the environment was had by the inventors group. 

Whilst we were talking about drilling holes and using tools Madison picked up a bit of charred wood from the fire pit, left over from last week’s burn. She saw how it left a mark on her finger so I fetched some paper and we explored making pictures with it. One of the children wanted to colour in so wondered what colours we could make just using the plants. Well that was it, the children went exploring and found a huge variety of things to turn into a pulp and use to paint. Then we experimented with the mixing agent; oil or water.

After the children had made some pictures they then used the dyes to make wooden pendants. The deep purple from the blackberries looked especially good. 

What a very busy afternoon we all had.


Week 4


Thursday 1st October.


Well this week we celebrated National Poetry Day! We had a fantastic day, reading and performing our favourite poems. We also read Mrs Hainsworth's favourite Revolting Rhyme, Little Red Riding Hood. Roald Dahl's version  was certainly different to some of the traditional tales we have read together!


Week 3 


Place Value 


This week we have been using base 10 to learn about the place value of each digit in a 3 digit number.

Here are some photographs of use using a place value grid to make different 3 digit numbers.

We have also practised drawing base 10 to show 3 digit numbers. Next we will move onto using counters to show place value.

Week 2


Super Makers 22/09/20

Today we started the super makers group in year 3. It is a group of 6 children who will use the natural environment to provide inspiration to make things of interest. It was a lovely day to get started.

One child wanted to make some jewellery so we looked at Elder trees; the middle of which is easily hollowed out. She then decorated these and made a necklace. Another child took inspiration from this and started to make some very colourful creatures. Once you start to look about it is amazing what you can find. We found a ‘dog log’! This project is going to take a bit more time as the children decided the dog would need legs. They also decided it was to be painted. Please make sure that your child is dressed in clothes that might get a bit of paint on.


Week 1


Dear Parents and Carers,


Well, a huge welcome everyone! 

It has been a very busy couple of weeks with lots of new routines to get used to! The children have been amazing and have settled back into school life really quickly. It is so good to be back and get working with the children. 

We have spent some time looking at where the children are and what their next steps will be. We have begun catching up with some parts of the curriculum alongside starting new topics. 

This half term the children will be studying the topic : Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes! We have begun by looking at the structure of the earth. Be sure to ask them if they can name the four main layers of the earth. 

In English we will be reading traditional tales and looking at some hilarious versions by Roald Dahl. We will also be reading non-fiction texts which support our geography learning.

Our math work will focus on Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. This week we were learning to read , write and represent multiples of 100.

I look forward to sharing some photographs of some of the things we have been up to so check the class pages weekly.


Mrs Hainsworth