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Summer term


On Thursday, 'pirates' from the Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company joined us.  With a treasure hunt, songs, and a special pirate banquet which we prepared together, we certainly had a swashbuckling time - that is until we had to walk the plank!  Still, that didn't dampen our spirits for long and we all agreed that it was a brilliant morning.

Our trip to the Rising Sun Country Park

We had an amazing time at 'Pirate School' at the Rising Sun Country Park. We used treasure maps to follow a trail through the fields which led us to hidden clues.  We then had to use the clues to find the code which would open the wooden treasure chest in as little time as possible.  What great fun we had outdoors in the sunshine! 

After lunch, we got creative!  We used fallen branches, sticks, twigs and leaves to make pirate dens in the woodland.  We worked in teams to make the best dens we could.  Our grown-ups were so impressed with us, they said we were just as skilled as real pirates!  What a fun-packed day we all had, some of us were so exhausted from all the excitement that we fell asleep on the coach journey back to school. It's hard work being a pirate!

Come and See morning

Thank you so much to everyone who managed to attend our open morning this week.  We had lots of fun reading instructions on how to make a paper plate pirate face and we enjoyed following the first few steps to making our pirate faces. We also decorated cutlasses and practised speaking in our best pirate voices. 


What a beautiful day!

We had a gorgeous afternoon outside today where we were calm and mindful during our Yoga Bugs session. The sun was shining brightly and there was a gentle breeze which cooled our skin while we practiced our poses on the mats.

Hot & Cold Shades

This week we have learned about hot and cold shades in our art lessons.  We know that hot and cold colours are all around us and we spotted lots of them in our classroom and around school. Today we had lots of fun painting hot shades in the classroom and discussing our choices of colours with our friends. We started with yellow paint then mixed in red to create different hot shades. We then mixed the yellow with white to create paler shades. We love experimenting with paint!


We had our first session of Taekwondo today with Mr Churchward, it was great!  We learned how to punch and kick on the pads and we learned exercises which will help us to strengthen our core.  We also learned how to hold our guard. We can't wait for the next session!


This week we sang, danced and played the djembe drums in a performance for our parents and carers with the Reception class. Over the last half term, we have been enjoying learning how to play the djembe with Franco and Steve from Newcastle Music Service and we have been using different animal names to produce various sounds on the drums. We have had a superb time and we can't wait to learn to play new instruments in the future.