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Year 5 Enterprise

The Year 5 Enterprise has been a hit so far this week with lots of children buying products that the Year 5 children had made.  We will continue selling tomorrow and hopefully we will sell everything!

Kielder Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who came to see Year 5 in their class assembly all about Kielder.  They really enjoyed their time away and loved sharing their stories with you.  The Photo Story is now on the Video Library section of the website. 

Music Coding

Today Mr E from Conductive Music came into Year 5 to make music using coding.  The class used light sensors and movement sensors to create their own music.  A fantastic morning!

Enterprise Making

Year 5 have been busy making their enterprise over the last few weeks.  They will be selling their products next Wednesday and Thursday after school in the yard.  There will be slime, jewellery and sweets to buy!  Here they are making their products...

Day 4 - 02/05/24


The last day with the staff at Kielder. I find it hard to say what is my favourite activity but raft building must be up there. I love the idea of building your own mode of transport and having to test it. We had a great time thinking of how best to make the raft. We had some very interesting ideas but in the end our team decided to go with 6 barrels. Miss Luke’s group went with 4, so they finished building much quicker than us; it came back to bite her later though. We made sure all our knots we tight and secure and then launched the good ship T-Rex. It floated well but the wind was blowing against us so we got turned around only to see Miss Luke’s boat in uproar as their barrels began to escape and their raft fell apart. It was great fun, the children had a hoot.


After lunch my group went tomahawk throwing and then crate stacking. The highest score anyone got was a stack of 12 crates. It gets very wobbly after 8 crates the stack gets very wobbly so to get to 12 was outstanding.


For our evening activity we were back into the woods. This evening, as well as crafting and playing games; we lit a great big bonfire to fire our clay creations into beautiful biscuit fired china. Some pots might crack but fingers crossed we will get some good results.

Day 3 - 01/05/24


I love forest fun Wednesday. We spent the whole day doing the things that the children find to do in the forest. The first task was to get to our camp. We went the long way and found some marvellous frogs - big and small. We had a game of camouflage. The children found some great places to hide, one hid under a pile of coats and would have got away with it except they got the giggles.


Children chose to do a huge number of activities. Here are a few that I can remember; den building, bracelet making, bangle making, cooking sausage rolls, making pop corn, making charcoal, processing tree sap into glue, making mallets, making wooden letter openers and other assorted tools. I am pretty sure some one made some stilts and others have made candle holders. On top of all this we still had time to play games in the woods relax in the hammocks and sing the songs that we learnt yesterday.


After tea we were out again but this time we went to Leaplish to play in the park and eat our sweets. We also heard the sad story of the white lady and why room 7 is always so cold.


The photos were late today as the internet stopped working so I had to upload in the morning.

Day 2 - 30/04/24


Do you know the… the sun was shining today! It made for a magical crossing across the water. We went to visit the lost giant’s head. We all got in bell boats and paddled across the water. There were some staff who saw this as a race but I rose above all this and let others take the lead. My team performed fantastically woking as a team to paddle the distance.  (Sadly, we were unable to catch up with Mrs Gill and her team!)


We had a pizza and salad for lunch which set us up for a full on afternoon of fun. My group all went down the zip wire, then attempted abseiling. Miss Luke’s group tried their hand at axe throwing and crate staking. Mrs Gill’s group spent the afternoon building their own raft. They then got to take to the water in their craft, apparently they were so good at it that they paddled to the next island and back and still had time to have fun in the water.


This evening we had a sing-a-long around the campfire before roasting some marshmallows. I don’t do this much so took the opportunity to have quite a few sweet treats.

Tomorrow we are in the woods again it will be interesting to see what the children get up to.

Kielder Day 1 - 29/04/24

What a lovely first day. The walk to the Bird of Prey Centre was great and we enjoyed finding new and interesting ways to cross the stream  despite there being a bridge over every one. At the centre we met Hazel the barn owl. We all got to hold her and see her eat some gross bits of chicken. My favourite bird was the giant sea eagle.

After tea we set out and explored around the scout centre. We found some clay and when we arrived at the camp some of us used it to make some cups and decorations. We will fire them on Thursday and fingers crossed they will turn into china ornaments.

Other children chose to cook up some delicious cheese toasties. I tasted a bit and I have to say I could eat another 6!

I could not resist introducing the children to the ‘Hawkhirst bog’. A few children chose to challenge themselves by running through the mire. It was great fun but very Very VERY muddy.

In the evening  there was hot chocolate for those that wanted it and our blogs to write.

Tomorrow the scout staff are looking after the activities - that will be great fun.