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Our Newburn Walk

This week we have been on an adventure with Mr Vyle. We took a walk around Newburn to see which human and physical features have been in our local area for a long time.  We also looked closely at changes of land use. We know that Newburn does not look the same as it used to 100 years ago due to the loss of businesses like the steelworks, the loss of a train station and a station hotel and the building of new homes in the area. We had a lovely morning being great geographers and historians.

Science Week

This week Year 1 have been celebrating science week. The theme this year was 'Time'. We looked at how long a minute was and completed different challenges and predictions around this. We listened to fast and then slow music and predicted when a minute had passed. We predicted how long it would take us to sing happy birthday twice and then we timed ourselves doing it to see if we were close! We predicted and then tested how many times we could write our name in a minute and how many star jumps we can complete in a minute. We predicted how long it would take us to run two laps of the yard and then timed ourselves to see if we were correct! We had so much fun! 

Science Week Investigations

World Book Day

Thursday 7th March

As always, we enjoyed a fun-packed day in school. This year, we shared our favourite bedtime stories and dressed in our comfy clothes, just like we would at home.  We love to read and we are learning more and more every day.  World Book Day is a celebration which we always look forward to. 

There are aliens everywhere!

Today we met Simon Bartram through a special online workshop. He told us all about his book, 'Man on the Moon', and how he loves writing stories. He also shared the thrill he gets from producing wonderful illustrations for his books.  Simon told us how he loved drawing the aliens in ‘Man on the moon’ and he demonstrated how to draw one during the workshop. We were all super excited and had a go at drawing our own aliens, which was lots of fun.  You can see we have some potential illustrators in our class.

 What an inspiration this was today!

Children’s Mental Health Week

(5th-9th February 2024)

Now in its 10th year, the theme is 'My Voice Matters'.

This week in Year 1 we have been learning about children's mental health to celebrate and raise awareness of children's mental health week. We talked about recognising a multitude of feelings and knowing that some feelings are quite small and easy to face whereas other feelings can be big and sometimes too big for us to manage by ourselves.  We talked about our support circles and who are the trusted adults in our lives who could help us when our feelings become too overwhelming.  We also learned a song called 'Give Me Five' with Rhys Stephenson from CBeebies which taught us about strategies like breathing techniques which can help us to calm ourselves when we feel worried or anxious. 

Where in the world do we live?

We are really enjoying finding out about our city of Newcastle upon Tyne and where we are in relation to other places in the UK. We have had fun using atlases to locate our home in the north east of England and how we might travel to other places in the south of England like our capital city of London.  Where would you like to visit in the UK? We were excited to find out that in Newcastle, we are much closer to the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, than our own capital city.


Who would have thought that we would be so talented at gymnastics? We are absolutely loving our PE lessons at the moment. We have learned to perform many different jumps like bunny hops and many different rolls including the log roll and the teddy bear roll, which we love. We can also walk along a bench holding our balance and we can perform a dismount neatly and with control like a real gymnast. Have a look at our photos to see how hard we have been working. 

Art Week

We have learned all about different drawing techniques and we have applied this knowledge to our own artwork. We studied some of Gustav Klimt’s famous artwork and we discussed how we could draw in the style of Klimt using some of the techniques we practised. We are so proud of our art that it is now proudly displayed in our dining hall for all to admire.