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Attendance and absence

Which zone are you in? 

GREEN - SAFETY ZONE - 95 to 100%


Pupils in this zone are likely to ...


  • Achieve well in school
  • Have good friendships
  • Be more successful

AMBER - AT RISK ZONE - 91 to 94%


Pupils in this zone are likely to ...


  • Be at risk of underachieving due to attendance
  • The government expects all pupils to have attendance at or above 95%
  • 10 days absence may result in you being in the at risk zone

RED - DANGER ZONE - 90% and below


Pupils in this zone are likely to ...


  • Struggle with their learning
  • Underachieve in school
  • Miss out on opportunities

Did you know ...?


90% attendance sounds good but means that your child misses on average:


  • One half day every week.
  • Nearly four weeks every school year.
  • Over one school year in a school career.

2 weeks holiday in term time every year with no other absences means that your child:

  • Can only ever achieve 95% attendance
  • Will miss about two terms in a school career

5 minutes late every day means missing about 3 days of school every year

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Attendance Policies


Please follow the link to our policies page where you can find our attendance policy and our procedures for children missing education