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autumn term

The Last Week of Half Term


We've made it!  We are all super tired and ready for the break, but all of the children have worked so hard and the progress has been fantastic.  I can't praise them enough for how well they adapted to being back in school after such a long time away, they are all wonderful.


In class, we are all very mindful at the moment, each day we choose a card from our 'Mindful Reminders for Kids' set and read the message, we then revisit the message as the day goes on using it to encourage, support or reassure one another, it's lovely to see the children show so much kindness and compassion.  We also played another round of the compliment game, their little faces when they hear the lovely words said about them is priceless, I looked around and they were all beaming it was lovely.


We have been creating some beautiful art work, we looked at a series of Monet paintings and discussed which we liked best and why.  We then recreated the famous 'Water Lily Pond' painting, using masking tape, paint and our fingers.  The children got so messy finger painting (I do apologise if they came home a little dirty) but they loved it and they had so much fun.  We also sketched a river landscape and added colour and texture using pencils. 


In maths, we carried on with our addition and subtraction topic, and in English we wrote a beautiful emotional piece as a character from a novel.  The class shared their work and gave each other feedback on post it notes - they loved being teachers and their comments were really positive and constructive - I think I might have some competition for my job!  We ended the week with popcorn, sweets, a movie and some halloween doodle art.  Perfect!


I'd like to say thank you to all the children for working so hard and being so lovely and to all the families for the support.


Enjoy your week off, 


Mrs Reid



Week Commencing 12th October 2020


Hello everyone, another week over already - time really flies when you're having fun!  We've tried to create a lovely positive environment in class this week, as let's face it, the world is not the happiest of places to be right now.  We have been playing the compliment game where each child chooses a lolly stick and pays a compliment to the person who's name is on their stick.  It was lovely to be part of it, and the special compliments they were paying to each other proves what a lovely little bunch they really are.  We've also been practicing gratitude and sharing one thing that for grateful for each day, even the smallest of things should be celebrated if they brought a smile to our faces.


We carried on with our class novel - The Diary of Iliona and produced some more fantastic writing and we began our new topic in maths; Addition and Subtraction.  We've made a wonderful start already we have quite a few Mathematicians in our class.  


In topic we discussed the Roman legacy and chose which Roman inventions we appreciate most today and in science we recreated the water cycle using a glass, some hot water, ice cubes and a plate.  See if the children can explain what we did - they should be experts on evaporation and condesation by now.   We ended our week with the children enjoying celebration assembly - via Zoom!  It wasn't the same as being altogether but the children were so excited to see Mr Pickup and the rest of the school up on the big screen.


All in all another fantastic week with great progress being made and lots of smiles. I must apoloise, I have not taken many photographs this week, I will make sure I get plenty next week. 


Take care, have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Reid

Week Commencing 5th October


We've enjoyed another fantastic week in year four, the children are going from strength to strength in all areas.  


We have been staying active during our play times, one area of the yard has been taken over as the 'work out zone', children can be found squatting, doing press ups and sit ups and even burpees!  There is also the odd wall sit challenge taking place, I am sorry to say that I was beat by most of the children!!!  I am so proud of them taking their fitness and health so serious.  We all know that moving our body keeps us physically and mentally well.


We have completed our place value topic in maths, ending on Roman numerals, this was confusing at first but with a little practice and a sorting activity we all got there together.  In science we learnt about evaporation and we explored life in Roman Britain as part of our topic work.  In PSHE, the class talked about how and why we use our digital devices and designed posters to encourage the school community to use these devices to communicate respectfully with each other.  The internet is a wonderful tool for young people, but it also presents many risks and it is important that our children are aware of these risks so they can be safe and happy in the digital world.


Mr Rudkin kindly took us outside for our weekly Ukulele lesson, we played in the sunshine and as we were outside, we were able to sing.  It was lovely to hear them sing and play 'Oh When the Saints Go Marching In', I even had a little tear in my eye they sounded so perfect.


Finally, an aspect which has really impressed me is the kindness and support the children show one another, we always clap when someone achieves something fantastic, and always offer a listening ear or some kind encouragement when someone is down or struggling.  We really feel like a family here in year 4, and it's lovely to be a part of this.


I hope this children enjoy a restful weekend and come back ready for another week of fun and learning.


Mrs Reid

Week Commencing 21st September 2020


What a week!  Your children have been amazing!  We have been looking at four digit numbers in maths, finding 1000 more and less and partitioning numbers in different ways.  We found this tricky but with lots of practice using base ten we got there.  In science we investigated gases, we weighed a balloon then blew it up and weighed it again, the class were amazed to find that it weighed over 1g more - most thought it actually felt lighter!  Why not ask them about the plastic bottle experiment, see if they can explain our findings scientifically!


In PE we carried on getting fit and healthy, there was push ups, press ups, burpees and a lovely jog around the field - we are getting stronger and fitter each week.  We learnt all about Roman soldiers in our topic lesson and looked at pictures of equipment that Legionary soldiers used, they really had it tough.


Finally in English we carried on with our novel - 'The Journal of Iliona a Young Slave', we wrote a sensory description of the main character and even Mrs Tofield was bowled over with some of the excellent sentences that the class came up with.  Here are just some examples:


"she could smell the fear lingering in the air'  

'she could feel her heart pounding trying to escape her terrified body'

'she could feel her baby brother trembling in fear as his heart pounded in his tiny chest'

'she could smell the sweet oil in her tangled hair mixed with the disgusting sweat from the crowd of aggressive men'


How impressive - I am a very happy teacher in deed!


Remember spelling test on Monday and Times Table test next Friday - also the battle is live on Timestable Rockstars who will be victorious this week?


Mrs Reid

Making a human number line to 10,000

Welcome to Year Four


We have enjoyed a fantastic first couple of weeks back here in year four.  After such a long time off, I really didn't know what to expect but your children have amazed me!  They have come back with huge smiles on their faces ready to learn and work hard.  We have had plenty of laughter and good times, and it's a joy to see them play together and reconnect with each other.  They are adapting to new rules and complying with all hygiene regulations, they have displayed maturity and have supported one another as we get used to our new normal.  I couldn't be prouder of them all.


Here is a brief summary of what we have been up to in class:


We are learning about the Romans this half term and we began our topic by carrying out a timeline sorting activity followed by locating Rome on a map and shading in the parts of Europe and Africa which became part of the Roman Empire.  Next week, we will focus on the might of the Roman army and the skills needed to become a Roman soldier - we may even practice some marches around school!  In keeping with this topic, we began our new text in English entitled 'The Journal of Iliona A Young Slave', the class made some wonderful predictions and I have some lovely writing activities planned inspired by the book. 


In PSHE we have been thinking about the features of a positive friendship and ways to seek help and advice if we are feeling left out or lonely.  Our PE focused on fitness and circuit training, it was an extremely hot afternoon we had some red faces by the end!  Science got a little messy as we were classifying solids and liquids, we discovered if you mix flour with washing up liquid you end up with a sticky mess!  It was good for the children to enjoy some hands-on practical investigation and they were using excellent vocabulary as they handled a range of substances.


Finally, the children had a fantastic time with Mr Rudkin on Tuesday learning to play the ukulele, despite not playing for several months they picked it back up in no time and played beautifully. 




Our spelling test is every Monday, and I will test times tables on a Friday.  Your child will bring a letter home next week to confirm all of this in more detail along with details about changing their reading books.


I have included some photos of that last couple of weeks, lots of smiling faces I hope you enjoy looking at them.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Reid