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Group 2

Interesting Things in the Dene 13/07/22

With sports day for Key Stage 2 taking place on the field Forest School moved down to the dene this morning. We had a lovely stroll down into the wood. We saw some foals and then called to other horses and they came to see who was talking to them.

We did whoops and hollas down the hill and when it felt too hot we throw some stones into the stream. This was all before we got to the Forest School centre. After an explore some children chose to play rope adventure while others wanted to swing in the hammocks. Even in the shade of the trees it was hot so we had a break for a snack and refreshments. A pupil made a great game up called ‘Cheeky Monkey and the Grumpy Farmer’. We had to spend some time making a goal for the cheeky monkeys to be put in then we had to make sure everyone knew which trees were safe for the monkeys (oak). When the game was ready it was great, what a lot of cheeky monkeys there were in the woods, no wonder the farmer was grumpy. By the end of the game there were no bananas left in the farm.

A quick game of Oggle Poggle before a lovely quite reflection time. It was so lovely in the dene with the sun coming through the leaves, I think it might be one of my favourite spots ever! What a great way to end this year’s Forest School sessions. I look forward to September when we will go out again.

Bug Hunt 29/06/22

With all the rain early in the morning I was not sure what sort of a day we were going to be in. I thought that there would be a lot of slugs, snails and worms out and about. After a quick excursion through the rabbit hole we went on an adventure through the back end of Forest School. There was some serious climbing and scrambling to be done. I was surprised by how dry the ground was under the trees but we did find some interesting things; some cherry stones that had the top nibbled off by a mouse, a pigeon egg all white and smooth, different snails, big and small and a very quick beetle. We needed a rope to get back up the hill but everyone made it back safe and sound.

When we were at our camp we looked how to do some hammering to make things. Other children wanted to make tents. We split into groups so that we could choose what to do.  I was with the tent makers. Every one was able to rap the rope so it did not slip off, then lift the middle pole over and lift the tent up. We were extra careful with the heavy sticks so that no one got a bonk on the head.

After some drink and a snack, we could swap groups or choose to carry on. In no time at all we were playing the Oggle Poggle game and then singing our farewell song before lunch.