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Autumn Term

Christmas Party Fun

We had a great party with Year 4 and 6 this afternoon.  We played lots of games including the Mars Bar game which always causes excitement.  We had a lovely Christmas feast in the classroom.  Thank you to everyone who brought in some food to share.  It was a delicious buffet for the children to enjoy and we will be finishing off the food over the next few days.    

Hot Shots Rock Band

We've had a fantastic day today in Year 5.  This morning we were lucky enough to have the Hot Shots Rock band back in school to perform a range of songs for us.  We enjoyed singing and dancing along and even performed a little air guitar too!    

Seeing Stars

We had an amazing time at the Life Centre this afternoon.  We met Hayley who took us on a journey through the galaxy.  We got to look at the different constellations that we see in the night sky and learn about where their names came from.  We also got to have a closer look at the planets in our solar system and discuss their features.  We looked closely at the International Space Station and even looked at an image of  another galaxy.  It was a jam-packed session which was fantastic and the whole class enjoyed themselves.  

Bamboo Tamboo Performance

Today we had our fantastic performance of Bamboo Tamboo with Steve.  It was a huge success and the class performed brilliantly.  I was very proud of the progress they have made over the last few weeks.  Well done Year 5!  Thank you to everyone who came into to watch the performance.  We hope you enjoyed it.  

More photos to follow...

The Borrowers

We were very lucky to have students from Gateshead College visit us to perform 'The Borrowers' this week.  It was a fantastic show full of super acting, singing and dancing and the class loved watching the show.    

Day 20 of Taekwondo Challenge 

We have finally reached Day 20 of our Taekwondo challenge with Mr Churchward today.  I am so proud of the class as this was very challenging and it is evident that the class have improved their strength and stamina over the last few weeks.  Well done Year 5!

USA Homework

We've already had several pieces of homework brought in this half term linked to our topic of the USA including quizzes, artwork, collages and different constructions.  Today Josh brought in a lovely Thanksgiving cake into class for everyone to share.  It was delicious!  

A surprise gift...

We had a lovely surprise today when Mrs Gill revealed a present that Mr Gill had made for us.  He left a note and even Mrs Gill didn’t know what it was until we unwrapped it.  


We unwrapped our gift to find a beautiful jigsaw of the USA.



Today was our first Level 2 Bikeability training session, organised through Newcastle City Council.  We spent the morning learning how to check our bikes, as well as practising hand signals and various manoeuvres around the school yard.  In the afternoon, we practised starting, stopping, turning and riding safely on minor roads in areas near the school.  We're now looking forward to our next training session which is tomorrow.



Come and See


We had a great Come and See morning today.  Thank you to everyone who came in to see what we were getting up to in class.  It was lovely to see so many faces.  The class were working on our topic of the USA this morning.  We played a game where we had to identify the states of the U.S. using only the outlines that were scattered around the room.  We then used some directional language using a compass rose.  Finally each pair chose a state to research before creating a poster full of interesting facts.

Mini Police Back in School


Lauren and Darren were back in school again today to talk to us about Healthy Relationships.  We talked about adults that we can trust and why you might need help from an adult. The class gave great advice for the scenarios that Lauren and Darren read out and the class were superb when talking about how to be a good friend to others.     

Bamboo Tamboo


This week we started Bamboo Tamboo with Franco from Newcastle Music Service.  We found out about where Bamboo Tamboo originated and started to use the instrument.  This was week 1 so we needed to spend lots of the lesson on time keeping.  We practised keeping time together and then sent the beat around in a circle.  It was quite tricky so we're going to practise this is class with Mrs Gill to make sure we aren't speeding up!  Watch this space to see how we progress ... 

Taekwondo 20 Day Challenge - Phase 2


Last week, we began our new 20 day Taekwondo challenge with Mr Churchward.  Following on from the first challenge, phase 2 introduces more difficult moves to help us to continue to build our strength and stamina.  We're really enjoying pushing ourselves to do more exercises each session.  Watch this space for news on how we are progressing ...

Judo Joe Session


This week we had a session of Judo with Judo Joe.  The children loved the session and got to practise a range of different Judo techniques.    

Mini Police with Lauren and Darren


Today we met Lauren and Darren who are Police Community Support Officers.  They told us that we were Mini Police and that we would be working with them this year.  After introductions, we asked them questions about their job and what they did.  They are going to be coming back into school so we can work together in our community.  We were very excited by this and had some great ideas for helping our community.  Watch this space... 

The Journey to Hogwarts


We are enjoying reading the first Harry Potter book in class.  Over the last few weeks, we have written character descriptions, letters of acceptance to Hogwarts and fantastic descriptions of the journey to the school.  Lots of examples of our work is up in the classroom for all to see now.  We have beautiful handwritten letters to accept our place at Hogwarts and some 'Hogwarts at Night' pictures in chalk that we produced with Mr Pickup.  

What makes us who we are?


The class thought about what makes them unique.  They created colourful personalised thought bubbles, representing everything that is important to them.  They look fantastic!  

Harry Potter Homework


We've had some Harry Potter themed homework in already, including some delicious cupcakes.  It is now on display in our classroom.    

Rugby with Newcastle Thunder


We had our second session of Rugby this week with Alex from Newcastle Thunder.  We played lots of team games and practised passing and running with the rugby ball.  Mrs Gill is looking forward to seeing our progress over the coming weeks.

Welcome to Year 5.  Below is our Topic Web to show what we will be learning about this half term.  We have already started reading Harry Potter and the class love it.  I can't wait to see the work that they produce from it.  Watch this space...