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Sunderland Lifeboat Station

We absolutely loved our trip to the RNLI Station at Sunderland.  Did you know that this station is the oldest lifeboat station, celebrating over 200 years of support for its community?  We met Dennis and Sam who showed us around their fantastic site.  We learned about the different types of lifeboats which they have at the station and all the training and hard work which goes into becoming part of the lifeboat crew.  We tried on helmets and lifejackets and we got to sit in one or two of the lifeboats which was really exciting! How things have changed since Grace Darling rescued nine stranded survivors of the steamship Forfarshire in 1838 in her coble boat.  

Pop Art

We have studied Pop Art and some of the artwork from famous artists like Andy Warhol.  We know that pop art is bold, bright and eye-catching and that many pop artists used repetition in their work.  We know how to make secondary colours by mixing primary colours together, we know that some colours complement each other through studying a colour wheel and we know that pop artists often chose to create art using everyday objects and portraits of famous people.  We decided to produce self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol using repetition and complementary colours. 

Mixing primary colours to make secondary colours

Designing our pop art and learning to draw facial features