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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties








Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties


This may include;


  • Social difficulties
  • Mental health conditions
  • Emotional difficulties


  • Clear sanctions and rewards are followed to offer pupils structure and routines (See Behaviour Policy)
  • Risk assessments are carried out to ensure the safety and inclusion of all pupils in all activities
  • We seek expertise and advice from a range of agencies including CYPS (Children and Young People's Service), School Health, Paediatricians and Educational Psychology Service
  • Referrals to specialists outside of the school where appropriate (Educational Psychology Service, CYPS, Kalmer Counselling)
  • Small group or one-to-one interventions delivered to pupils to improve social skills and emotional resilience e.g. RISE Mental Health workshops, bespoke intervention tailored to individual or small group need
  • LEGO Therapy sessions
  • Small group support for social and emotional need through our Early Bird ACORNS group and individualised support as need determines throughout the school week from our SENTA
  • Opportunities to attend residential trips in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 which help to develop social, emotional and behavioural resilience, promoting independence
  • Staff trained in positive handling
  • Key members of staff regularly check-in with vulnerable pupils or pupils who are experiencing anxiety and/or other mental health difficulties as and when required
  • Individual behaviour plans/risk assessments where necessary to ensure children can access the curriculum and all children remain safe
  • Close liaison with parents and carers to ensure a consistent approach with individual pupils
  • Advice and training from outside agencies and school to school support
  • Support to identify feelings and emotions and to develop tools to aid self-regulation through the Zones of Regulation