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Spring B

Week 2


Newburn Makers 16/03/21

What a lovely afternoon we had inventing and making things in the Forest School area.

I took a group of 6 pupils out to be inspired by the spring weather to make something using what was to hand. After a bit of thinking time the children began to come up with some great ideas. we found some cut sticks that already had a hole in them so when they were joined to another long stick made a fantastic golf club. In fact one group made there own golf clubs and then spent some tie making a golf course to play on. It had a place to tee off and a green to finish; how amazing children's imaginations can be.

Other children decided to make some wooden characters. There was lots of variety in the manner that the children created their objects. Sticks for arms, nails for eyes and a nose that doubled as a special stand for the mini dude were all part of the design.

It being a long session it was good to have a mini break so some children helped to light the fire to heat the water. Fire steels are very trick to use but everyone who had a go managed to light a fire.

What a successful group of children.



We have really enjoyed using an atlas to locate different countries in Europe. We have been looking at symbols on maps which identify capital cities. This week we looked at London, the capital city of England. There are so many tourist attractions to visit,  we can't decided where we would go first!



Week 1


Ukulele Lessons with Mr Rudkin 

This week we enjoyed our first ever lesson with Mr Rudkin from the Newcastle Music Service. Over the next few weeks, we will be taking part in ukulele lessons. This week we learnt how to strum and how how to play our first chord. Check us out!




Welcome Back!


The children have settled in really well and are enjoying getting back to normal routines.

 We have started a new topic in Geography, learning about different countries in Europe. By the end of the topic we will be planning a trip to our favourite natural beauty spots and landmarks. In English we are reading The Travel Book to support our Geography topic. The children have enjoyed learning more about money in math lessons and are practising adding, subtracting and giving change. We have lots of special visitors helping us over the next few weeks in Music and PE. I look forward to sharing some pictures of what we have all been up to so keep checking the website for weekly updates!