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Group 1

May Kings and Queens 15/05/19

What a lovely day, so much May blossom was out it was difficult not to take some and make crowns out of them. It was so warm in fact that by the time we got to the dene we need to cool off a bit down by the stream. We went on a river adventure till our path was blocked by a fallen log, which the children decided was the proper way to cross the stream.

When we got to our camp we set up a couple of ropes and then set about making a cooking fire. We were careful to clear the ground and use some wood to keep the bowl from touching the ground. Flynn collected some very dry wood that we used to make a tea for me and smores for the children. We then made a bit of pop corn but I had forgotten the sugar so it was a bit plain.

Other children were using rope to make slides and have adventures whilst Lacey set up a hammock, which turned into a swing. It was great to hear the sounds of the dene compete with our happy Forest School group.

Shelter From the Rain 08/05/19

This term a new type of group is going to Forest School. It is a mixture of different children from key stage 2 classes. This means that some of the older children can help the younger ones with skills. I like the idea of there being a community feel in Forest School and this way of working lends itself well to this.

The weather was very damp today so it was a good idea to practice building shelters. The groups that did the best were those that worked well together. the Shelters were so good that the children could have their hot chocolate in the dry under their own shelter.

I look forward to seeing how this new group develops over the coming weeks.