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Our Languages curriculum aims to help pupils develop skills in listening and speaking (oracy), writing and reading (literacy) and inter-cultural understanding through our selected language, Spanish.  


At the beginning of Key Stage 2, in Year 3, pupils are introduced to words and phrases through vocabulary repetition and songs.  Children respond appropriately, answer and ask questions whilst learning correct pronunciation and accent through short dialogue role plays and class games. They begin to copy and read words and short phrases. Throughout Key Stage 2, in Years 4 and 5, children broaden their vocabulary and develop oracy and literacy skills working from sentence level to short texts. They are more aware of word order and how sentences are constructed in a different language. They are becoming more confident in their speaking abilities and use the target language regularly in the lessons, particularly to ask to go to the toilet!


By the end of Key Stage 2, in year 6, pupils will have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of Spanish language and culture and be able to communicate more competently and confidently. They use correct pronunciation and are able to write longer paragraphs using correct word order and adjective agreements.


From the cultural point of view, there are several lessons throughout the academic year following the important dates in the Spanish cultural calendar. Children learn about how we celebrate festivals and other interesting events in Spain and become more aware of differences between the UK and other countries.

Curriculum in action ...