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Stepping Out

For Reception's first Forest School session we did something a bit different; we took the whole class out. This gave the children a chance to get to know the area and staff that they will be going with on a Wednesday. The children did very well pulling the trolley with the hot chocolate on. It is a tough job, especially with all the mud!

When we arrived we found some sticks to throw in the stream. We used the two bridges that mark the boundary, this gives the class a good idea of where  they are allowed to explore. We then went further afield as we sort out things in the wood that looked like the crinkles on our hand, some children found a fantastic log to explore. The children who with Miss Morgan found a huge hill to climb at the top was a wonderful place full of Beech  trees, a favourite place for squirrels. We found plenty of nuts for them. The children then used ribbon to trace paths between the tree that the squirrels could take. There was just time to have a quick cup of hot chocolate before getting back for lunch.