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Our Class Trip to The Laing Art Gallery.

We looked around the Laing Art Gallery for inspiration for our own print design.

Stone Age Cave Art  24.6.22

History 15.6.22


In history we have been learning about the hunter-gatherer people of the stone age period.

In the Mesolithic Period (middle Stone Age), hunter-gatherers lived in Britain. They roamed from place to place to find food and shelter. The changing British seasons meant that hunter-gatherers had to constantly move around to where food was at different times of year.  People ate wild animals like deer, horses and rabbits. They would often eat the whole animal including everything including the blood, bone marrow and brain! 

People hunted for animals and fish and gathered foods like herbs, berries and fruits. People made their own tools and clothes. Survival was not easy!


We investigated our school field for anything that would have been an asset in Stone Age times. We collected wood and stones which could have been made into tools and weapons. We also identified berries and leaves that might be edible.


We also thought about threats to life in Stone Age Britain e.g. wild animals, extreme weathers and starvation.

Some threats were also assets e.g. wild animals could attack and kill Stone Age man, but if hunted they could be used for food, clothing and materials for shelter.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.


This week we have loved preparing for the Queen's Jubilee Celebration by making decorations for our school picnic. We also made royal crowns to wear if it's not too windy!


Reading Skills


In English we have started reading our new class text Stone Age Boy. We have been making predictions about the story from the illustrations and also from vocabulary that will come up in the book. We can't wait to read the story and see if our predictions are correct. We have been sorting the vocabulary in different ways to check we understand the meaning of each word.



Religious Education


We have been learning about why the Resurrection of Jesus is so important to Christians. There are arguments for this really happening and arguments against the story. As a class we looked at different arguments and decided if we were FOR or AGAINST. We didn't all share the same view but we listened to each others arguments.

Here are some of our arguments FOR and AGAINST.


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