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Spring Term

Since we returned to school after the February half term holiday each week Reception has had a Super writer, the adults in the class watch to see who is trying really hard, working on thier writing and completing writing challenges.  The super writer is presented on a Friday and they get to wear the Super Writer cape for the whole day!  Pictures will be posted for those children who have been a super writer (if we have permission to put their photograph on the website).

Addition using dominoes (Miss Morgan is so impressed with these Maths skills)

Term 2b Week 4

Continuing on our bear hunt adventue we have been looking at different sources of factual information about bears, we have searched for pictures on the internet, looked at non-fiction books and watched videos on Youtube, we talked about what would make a good source and why a source of information might not be good.  We have also turned our reading corner into a bear cave.  In Maths we have been working on addition looking at the = and + symbols and rehearsing stating number sentences in different orders (both 6+2=8 and 8=6+2), using dice to generate numbers for us to count all together.

Term 2b Week 3

Reception has been learning the 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' story this week, doing actions, reciting repeated refrains, ordering the settings, drawing story maps and suggesting other things we could hunt and other settings we could go through. 

Bear Hunt Story Maps

Can you use our story map to retell the Bear Hunt story?

Term 2b Week 2

The children really enjoyed sharing their books on World Book Day.  They were really keen to talk about their favourite story, videos below the pictures.

Sharing with the class the books we love

Still image for this video

2nd half of

Still image for this video

Term 2b Week 1

What a busy first week back, Reception have really entered into the spirit of art week, drawing, painting, printing and sculpting, talking our inspiration from Paul Cezanne's 'Still Life with Apples and Oranges'.  We have also had our first Gymnastics lesson, this half term we will be having PE lessons on a Wednesday morning, the children were learning about different ways of traveling around our hall and over our equipment. It has also been pancake day and we talked about why Christians celebrate pancake day, in preparation for Lent, using up all of the rich food and looking forward to Easter, whilst we made and ate yummy pancakes.

Still life and printing



Term 2a Week 5

We love reading in reception and Miss Morgan has made two videos to show parents how we do one to one reading sessions in Reception, the sessions usually last 10 -15 minutes but these videos have been shortened a little.  

Reading in Reception. Fiction book.

One to one teacher and student demonstrating a reading session in Reception. Sequence edited to shorten.

Reading in Reception - Non-Fiction

Teacher and student, one to one reading session. Session has been edited to shorten video.

Term 2a Week 4

We have been learning the names and properties of 3D shapes and have enjoyed singing along to these 2 songs on YouTube.

Term 2a Week 3

Reception have been learning about 3D shapes and Chinese New Year, on our come and see morning we made paper dragon puppets, went on a shape hunt, sorted shapes and built towers using particular 3D shapes.  Mrs Newton is very excited about all the Bingo Homework that the children have been doing at home and bringing in to share with us all.

Term 2a week 2

Reception have continued to think about teen numbers this week, looking at different ways to represent them using Numicon and Unifix cubes.  We are working hard to remember that the numeral 1 in a teen number means 10 and that to make a teen number with two 10 towers or Numicon we need a ten and then the unit number.  Our Rhyming work is going well with lots of children able to rhyme a word with their own names and an increasing number able to spot rhyme in our songs and stories.  Oi Frog! is our book for this half term and we have been using phonic knowledge to write a character description.

Teen numbers

Character Descriptions

Term 2a Week 1

Reception were very excited to come back to school and have settled back into our routines well.  We all enjoyed talking about our holidays, seeing our friends again, going to the pantomime, learning the green cross code with the Road Safety lady, learning how to represent teen numbers and beginning our new topic on rhyming.