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Autumn term



A Great Start to Year 3!


The children have really enjoyed their first week in year 3 and have settled into KS2 really well.

We have started our English topic on Traditional Tales and Maths topic on Place Value. In Topic work we have started learning about Mediterranean countries which people may have visited over the summer holiday.

Trumpet Lessons


This week Year 3 had their first pocket trumpet lesson with Mr Rudkin.

First we learnt about the different parts of the trumpet and how to look after each piece carefully.

We learnt that to get a good sound from the trumpet you need to make a diamond shape with your mouth and take a really deep breath!

Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Shows


As part of our  English topic about Traditional Tales, Year 3 have made a puppet theatre and the main characters from the tale. We are going to use our puppet theatre to create our own version of the story. There are many different versions of the story Little Red Ridding Hood.

Later in the week we will be reading a very famous version by author Roald Dahl!

Maths - Place Value


Year 3 have been exploring the value of each digit in a 3 digit number.

They have used Base 10  and Arrow Cards to develop their understanding.

Firework Pictures


We really enjoyed using oil pastels and sequins to create our fabulous firework pictures.

To make our artwork POP, we folded different luminous paper to give it a 3D effect.