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Spring Term

Djembe Drums


This term we have started having Djembe drumming lessons. This famous drum originates from West Africa and we have been learning to play it through listening and joining in with stories about animals from that country. We are building up to a performance of 'The Elephant Song' at the end term so stay tuned for more information on that. In the meantime, here are some photographs of Year 1 having lots of fun with percussion!


This term we are very lucky to have a super coach, Katherine, visit us once a week to teach us gymnastic skills. Last week we learnt the tuck, pike and straddle positions. This week we have been looking at balancing. Working independently and in small groups, we worked our way around a variety of challenging activities. We can't wait for next week!  

Multiskills Session


Year 1 took part in a PE multiskills session at Walker Activity Dome with other schools.  We had a great time taking part in various activities to help us to improve our balancing, throwing, jumping, hopping and ball dribbling skills.  Keeping fit is fun!




Class Assembly


This term Year 1 have been learning all about bears! We have used lots of different types of texts all with the theme of bears and used them to produce some fantastic work. We have researched polar bears and created some informative fact files, shared our opinions on different books and wrote our own reviews and even added an extra chapter to a childhood classic. We especially enjoyed 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and this became the focus of our class assembly. We proudly showed off our excellent work and performed a special rendition of the story for the whole school. We managed to get everyone joining in (even the teachers!). Thank you to everyone who could make it and for those who couldn't, here are some photographs for you to enjoy: 

Fact Families


This week we have been exploring fact families. It was great to see all the children putting together all their learning over the last few weeks to find and write addition and subtraction number sentences. We have certainly made use of all of the practical equipment in our classroom! 

Taking Away, How Many Left?

This week in Maths we have been exploring subtraction with Play-Doh! The children had great fun working out number problems using practical equipment around the classroom. Check out the photographs below...

Road Safety Talk


This week we had a visitor who came in and told us all about road safety. We learnt the rules of the Green Cross Code and how to find the safest way to cross the road. Year 1 listened very well and even got a certificate at the end which we will proudly display on our classroom wall. So remember - think, stop, look and listen!