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Monitoring and Evaluating the Success of Provision

Monitoring and Evaluating the Success of Provision:

A variety of methods are used to monitor and evaluate the provision and achievements for the pupils with SEN:

  • Regular observation of teaching by the senior management team

  • Analysis of assessment data, with high expectations for the progress expected between key stages for all pupils,

  • Assessment records that illustrate progress over time – e.g. reading ages

  • Pre and post assessments for those pupils who are withdrawn for targeted interventions

  • Success rates in respect of individual targets

  • Monitoring by the governor with responsibility for SEN

  • The views of parents/carers and pupils.

  • Questionnaire for parents of pupils with SEN, pupil views of additional and different provision they receive.

  • Regular meetings between SENCO, SENTA and head teacher

  • Provision Mapping – used as a basis for monitoring the impact of interventions.

  • LA SEN Review to externally validate provision and outcomes for pupils with SEN

For further details please see our SEN Information Report and our Annual SEN Report by following the links below