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Easter hat, tie, glasses and top parade.


We all made Easter themed items to wear during our class dance to The Weatherman at the Easter parade.

We had so much fun! 

Easter themed parade

A workshop about Victorian Railways with Sarah from The Darlington Railway Museum.

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

We dressed up as our favourite book characters and had a virtual visit with the author Simon Bartram who read his book, Man on the Moon. Also, we had an alien workshop with Simon who does his own illustrations in all of his books. 

Year 6 visited the Oriental Museum in Durham. We took part in a series of activities investigating early Islamic civilisation including: handling artefacts, exploring the gallery, making detailed drawings, designing our own ceramic tiles using Islamic patterns. Writing our names in arabic using traditional writing implements and 'ink'. Story telling and drama.

DT week


Day 1 - Are all burgers the same?

We compared nutritional facts.



Day 2 - What is the best burger bun?

We sampled different bread buns, rolls, bagels and muffins.

Day 3 - How can we enhance or compliment the flavour of a burger?

We used breadsticks to sample various sauces, dips and relishes.

Day 4 - Making the burger.

We followed a set of instructions to make the 'perfect' burger. We added lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Day 5 - Evaluating the process and product.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activity

As part of our spelling, punctuation and grammar work we were given a word and without communicating verbally we needed to arrange ourselves into groups.


PE - team games

As part of our PE, we have been selected into 4 teams that play against each other weekly. The learning objective is to assess, adjust and improve our teamwork skills with each match and score points towards our league table.

Science - reflection and refraction

As part of our science we looked at reflection and refraction.