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Yesterday, we had an interesting visit to Sainsburys at Throckley to find out more about the origins of fresh fruit and vegetables as part of our geography work.  We were very impressed that many of the items were grown right here in the United Kingdom, as well as other countries in Europe, such as Spain, the Netherlands and Italy.  Other produce had originated from countries further afield, such as Kenya in East Africa and Guatemala in Central America.  We were made to feel very welcome by the staff at Sainsburys who kindly provided healthy drinks and snacks for us after all of our hard work.  Many thanks to Mr Chilton, the Store Manager, and all of the staff who helped us.



Year 5 had a wonderful session with Tracey this morning using hula hoops.  The Hoopstarz session was lots of fun.  The children practised their hula hoop skills and even tried some more difficult skills too, including using two hula hoops.  At the end, we even worked in groups to create a hula hoop house that we could climb through.


Day 4 - 27/04/23


Today was led by the staff at Kielder so lots of adrenalin and challenge for the children. There were more adventures on the high tower; abseiling and zip lines. In addition to this there was tomahawk throwing and crate staking. I know how much the children pushed themselves to overcome fears and anxieties, they then went to concentrate on throwing heavy axes.

The other session we had today was new for everyone - raft building. Children had to gather logs and collect barrels. They learnt knots to keep the whole thing together. We then paddled the contraption across to an island and back. Everyone made it across without getting too wet accept for one member of staff. I wonder if you can hazard a guess who?

This evening we went to the tuck shop to buy souvenirs then off to the woods to fire the clay we collected on Monday. We even had time to have a puppet show. Fingers crossed for tomorrow when we see if the clay has fired.

Day 3 - 26/04/23


A change of pace today as we ventured out into the woods for some time in the wild. Choices had to be made as to what activities the children wanted to do; some wanted to play on the slack line, while others were happy to chill on the hammocks. We had read the weather forecast so children made sure that there was enough shelter for everyone. The different designs were fab; ‘treepea’, A-frame and lean too were all utilised. I was very impressed and it did rain a little in the afternoon so they got used.

Kielder has made some new fire pits in the bushcraft area so a group of children practiced fire starting and then chopped up some wood and made a fire to cook some delicious camp fire nachos.

In the afternoon we got out the crafting materials and created necklaces and  bracelets. Mrs. Gill seems to know 101 different games to play which kept lots of us busy having fun.

After tea we practiced emergency first aid and walked to Leaplish to play in the park there. They have a great climbing castle, lots of swings and a roundabout. To finish we had the very sad story of the white lady.

Day 2 - 25/04/23


An amazingly busy day with activities right up to bed time.

We had a very frosty start with children describing the landscape as a ‘winter wonderland’. By the time we had had breakfast though most of the frost had burned off. The sun was out and although cold it was a pleasant day; just right for boating. We all felt a bit pirate like as we sung and chanted our way across the reservoir. When we got back some children insisted that they wanted to jump in the freezing cold water even though everyone warned them that it was not a good idea. Safety line and pole at the ready the children lined up to jump off the jetty. The water is freezing so why they want to do it I can not fathom, you have to say fair play to them for having a go, though.

After lunch we did ‘tower’ activities. It is huge. Children used the re-vamped zip line, assailed down the tower. The third group used milk crates to make the largest stack they could. The Kielder record is 15, we got to 14 how close was that?!

After tea we had a great sing-a-long by the camp fire then roasted marshmallows some children have the knack of a lightly roasted mallow whilst others just set fire to ‘em. They all got eaten either way.

To finish the day we went for a stroll around the site just to prove the point that as long as you keep your feet dry you can not get lost. It might have taken a while but we did get all the way around the peninsular.

If you can think how we could have fitted anything more in then I would like to see it work. All the children have been fantastic today, accepting and responding to challenges with a grit and determination that they should be truly proud of. Well  done year 5 you are stars.



We did fit something else in; we collected clay yesterday so today we spent some time modelling it. Now that is what I call a full day of activities!

Day 1 - 24/04/23


What a good first day everyone has had. It has been so busy. The children have been complimented on their behaviour by a member of the public as they were so polite and well mannered at the bird of prey centre. The staff were very proud. We have enjoyed the pie and gravy for tea. I had thought to cook some nachos but instead we did some whittling while Mrs. Gill played forest games and Miss Gibson mined clay. We have loads so we should get some good pottery. We finished the day with the infamous mud run which meant that every one had to have showers. We look forward to tomorrow’s tower activities.