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DT Week 

We have been busy this week researching puppets, designing our own, making a puppet by joining fabric together and decorating and evaluating our final product. 


We are excited about our enterprise stall tomorrow. We have been busy making Snowman Christmas decorations, using epoxy resin to create Christmas coasters or a decoration, making bracelets using Christmas beads and making a pompom Christmas decoration. Come along and see! 

Gotta Get Those Sheep Up On The Hill...

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and see our Nativity with Years 3 and 4. We loved the sheep shimmy and being Angels and had lots of fun singing, dancing and acting. 

We enjoyed taking part in an Author zoom about plants and life cycles. We explored a non-fiction book and we all had lots of questions about the writing process and creating books!

Open the Book Assembly 

In Maths week we created a Baker's shop and learned about finding totals and change using money. We made amounts in different ways and solved some shopping problems. 

We had lots of fun creating, practising and performing our class assembly about The Great Fire of London and The Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle. 

Supporting Children in Need

Open the Book Assembly 


Investigating in Science 

We had lots of fun investigating using skittles (and eating them!) 

Art Week 

We learned about the work of Georgia O'Keefe and Vincent Van Gough and talked about the techniques the have used. We shared our thoughts and feelings about their work and evaluated our own art work. We used chalks, paints, line, tone and different sketching techniques. 

Our Visit to the Discovery Museum

We took part in workshops learning about the events of the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle. In the morning, we explored science investigations and learnt about gravity, electricity, magnetism, light and shadows. We explored the museum and loved performing the story of the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle with puppets. We tried on outfits from the 1600's and investigated artefacts. 


Shapes in Science! 

We investigated which materials changed shape and how. We made a hypothesis and tested our ideas, drawing conclusions. 


Man made or natural? 

We explored which materials were man made or natural, collected our own materials, sorted them and made a collage. 


Non-fiction reading skills in Science 

We researched materials and retrieved facts, we sorted and grouped materials and used our non-fiction reading skills of skimming, scanning and summarising. We used glossaries, indexes and contents pages and retrieved facts. 


Ask us how to partition two digit numbers in different ways. We had lots of fun talking about and comparing how we could partition numbers.