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Autumn Term

Christmas Party Day


We had great fun at our Christmas party this year. Check out our catwalk show! Thank you for all of the Christmas party food. We had a lovely time together.

Design and Technology: Earthquake Proof Buildings.


In year 3, we have been researching, designing and making earthquake proof buildings.

We looked at building design in Japan, where architects must consider the shape nd materials of buildings carefully.

A number of architects used cross-bracing to strengthen buildings foundations or walls.  

We worked in pairs but also as a whole class to create the strongest earthquake proof building using some of the ideas we had researched.

Next week we will be evaluating our design and thinking of possible improvements.

National Poetry Day


We really enjoyed performing Roald Dahl's version of Little Red Riding Hood.

The alternative ending made us all laugh!

Music - Our Visit to hear the Coldstream Guards.


We visited St Nicholas Cathedral to listen to the Coldstream Guards. 

St Nicholas Cathedral is a Christian  place of worship.  When we first when in the church it had very high ceilings and it was a large open space. The windows of the church had beautiful stained glass windows. 

The Coldstream Guards were wearing red uniforms as they are soldiers in the army. 

We learnt about different musical elements: Pitch, Speed/Tempo, Emotion in music, Rhythm and Responding to music through dance.

We left feeling really inspired to learn a musical instrument ourselves and are looking forward to learning the pocket trumpet in our school music lessons!



PE - Invasion Games

We have been learning how to dribble with a basket ball, football and hockey ball. We had to control the ball around a cone. 



This week we have been partitioning numbers to100 using base 10 and part-whole models.

We used known facts to help us when we were working without concrete apparatus.