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Spring Term

Talking about 'Emotions' 

Megan, our School Safeguarding Liaison officer came into school this afternoon to talk about emotions.  We played a very unfair game of Musical Statues first before talking about anger.  We talked about how our bodies react when we are angry and what we do.  We then talked about the best things to do.  We created a list of things to do if we needed help!  We then looked at lots of different photographs and tried to identify the emotion from the facial expression.  Some were definitely easier than others!  

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Newburn: Past and Present - Map Reading

This afternoon we started work on our topic: There's no place like home.  We looked at various maps of Newburn from different times in history.  Pupils ordered the maps and compared the human and physical features on them.  Pupils noted that the church and school were on all of the maps but other buildings had changed significantly over the years.  Great map work Year 5!

Come and See 

We had a lovely morning in class this morning with lots of family members coming in to see what we were learning about.  We spent the first session investigating square and cube numbers using multi link.  Mrs Gill was impressed that so many children got onto the tricky challenge!  After break we continued reading our class book, Wonder by R J Palacio.  The class wrote text message advice to August from his friend Christopher.  The pupils even got to use informal language you would use in a text.  Thank you to everyone who came into school.  It was lovely to see you in class.    

Curious Beasts

We had a great day on Tuesday.  We arrived at school to see some visitors and a huge black tent had been erected in our main hall.  Our workshop was great fun.  We were introduced to different creatures and found out about their characteristics.  We then had the opportunity to think about our own emotions.  It was a fun-filled session that the children enjoyed. 

Hansel and Gretel

We have started working with Mrs Knighton from the Newcastle Music Service.  She has been teaching us songs from The Royal Opera House's opera: Hansel and Gretel.  We have acted out scenes, got into the character of Hansel and Gretel and started to sing some of the songs.  The class' enthusiasm has been brilliant and it was lovely to see some great acting throughout the sessions.  Watch this space to see how the class progresses each week...


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