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Spring Term

Dividing by Sharing

Spring A, Week 4


We have loved learning how to divide and used lots of practical equipment. We became experts at sharing amounts into groups, Fraser even said, "I could do this everyday!"

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The Great Fire of London

Spring A, Week 3


Our history topic this half term is The Great Fire of London. Year 2 have loved asking questions about how it all started and we have been debating about which causes were most significant. Most of our deliberation was put onto our causation webs, where we have been linking causes and effects. Have a look below!

What is a 'material' anyway?

Spring A, Week 2


In our science topic, we have been learning all about materials and their uses. We have been grouping and classifying materials from around school and even hunted around our classroom for which materials we could find and what they were used for. 

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